30+ Best Free Websites to Watch Spanish Movies & TV Shows Online in 2021

How do you say Im going to watch a movie in Spanish?

I’m going to watch a movie

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¿Qué haces esta noche? – Voy a ver una película en casa.


Technical Sheet La ficha técnica

If you are more into the technical parts of the movies in Spanish, this section is for you! Movie reviews take into account all this data that is also useful to catalog films. This movie vocabulary section has few but very important words.

  • Title – El título
  • Year – El año
  • Nationality – La nacionalidad
  • Name of the Director – El nombre del director
  • Name of the Actors – El nombre de los actores
  • Awards – Los premios 
  • Nominations – Las nominaciones
  • Genre – El género

What is the difference between watching and seeing?

“See” means to notice or become aware of someone or something by using your eyes. “Look” means to direct your eyes in a particular direction. “Watch” means to look at someone or something for an amount of time and pay attention to what is happening.


You don’t know the genre of a film? Don’t worry! Just watch the movie trailer, they tend to be very clear in this matter using all the resources we learned above. 

Here are some of the main géneros (genres):

  • Comedy – La comedia
  • Horror – El terror
  • Science Fiction – La ciencia ficción
  • Romantic – Romántico (male), romántica (female)
  • Historical – Histórico (male), histórica (female)
  • Thriller – El suspenso
  • Adventure – La aventura
  • Action – La acción
  • Drama – El drama

As you can see, some English words have a male and female translation. You can use it both ways according to the gender of the noun. 

See these examples:

Me gustó mucho la historia romántica.I really liked the romantic story.

Me gustó mucho la película con tema romántico.I really liked the movie with a romantic theme.

Quiero ver una pieza histórica.I want to see a historic piece. 

Quiero ver un filme histórico.I want to see a historic film.

Bonus Movies in Spanish (Not on Netflix)

33. Coco (Disney+)

Coco is one of the few American movies that actually seems more authentic in Spanish. That’s because it takes place in a small village in Mexico and incorporates Mexican culture through the music, references, and imagery. This movie is about a young boy named Miguel who has an irresistible passion for music, which would be great if it weren’t for one little problem:his family has placed a ban on music that spans back several generations. Eager to get the heart of this ban and be allowed to sing to his heart’s desire, Miguel takes a journey to the Land of the Dead to find both his grandfather and favorite musician. 

Genre: Family-friendly, Animation, Music

Region: Mexico

34. La misma luna/ Under the Same Moon (Prime Video, to rent or with Starz)

A young boy risks his life when he runs away from his grandmother’s home and illegally crosses the Mexican-American border in hopes of reuniting with his mother who moved to Los Angeles and is trying to create a solid foundation for the two of them. When his mother hears that her son has gone missing, she embarks on her own journey to find him. This movie provides a further look into the immigration process and the lives of migrant workers, while reminding us that love has no limit. 

Genre: Drama

Region: Mexico

35. Voces inocentes/ Innocent Voices (YouTube, Available to buy DVD on Amazon and Ebay)

Shown through the perspective of a young boy named Chava, this movie shows the impact of the civil war that took place in El Salvador throughout the 1980s. This is a painful but insightful watch that brings attention to the ways that children are forced to participate in war and are also victims of military violence. Available on YouTube at the time the article was written. 

Genre: Drama, War

Region: El Salvador

36. Cocote (Prime Video)

Upon returning to his hometown for his father’s funeral, a devoted Christian who works as a gardener discovers that his father has been murdered by a powerful person in their community. But that’s not the only disturbing news that he receives- his family now wants him to go after the murderer and avenge his father’s death. The last thing he wants to do is harm another person but as the situation intensifies, he may not have many other options.

Genre: Drama

Region: Dominican Republic 

37. Qué León (Prime Video)

A young couple who happen to share the same last name have little else in common- least of all their social statuses. Jose Miguel is the son of a spare parts dealer while Nicole’s father is a successful businessman. Even though their fathers couldn’t be any more different, they are able to come together in their mission to split the lovebirds up. This young love story comes with more trials than Romeo and Juliet. Let’s just hope that no one gets hurt in the crossfire. 

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Region: Dominican Republic

38. La tierra y la sombra/ Land and Shade (Prime Video)

Nearly two decades after abandoning his family, a sugar cane farmer by the name of Alphonso makes the trek back home to visit his sick son. Back home, he is forced to face his wife while getting to know his daughter-in-law and grandson. Recognizing the error of his ways, Alphonso attempts to earn back his spot within the family and make up for lost time. 

Genre: Drama

Region: Colombia

39. José (Prime Video)

This movie follows 19-year-old Jose who is trying his best to navigate life in a country infamous for its violent history. Safety is especially difficult for him to find as a young gay man in a devoutly religious society and household. He seeks solace and connection through the world of online hookups but his life is turned upside down when he meets a Caribbean migrant named Luis. Faced with new risks and opportunities, Jose embarks on a painful yet insightful inner journey.

Genre: Drama

Region: Guatemala 

 40. Chico & Rita (YouTube and to buy on DVD on Amazon)

This movie explores romance through animation and jazz music reminiscent of the 1940s and 50s. A young pianist from Cuba and a beautiful jazz singer fall in love but being together comes with more challenges than either of them could have expected. Follow along and see how their passionate romance survives and evolves over the course of six decades. Available on YouTube at the time the article was written. 

    Genre: Drama, Romance, Animation

    Region: Cuba

 41. Yuli (Prime Video)

This movie chronicles the life of Carlos Acosta, a Black ballet dancer from Cuba and the first Black dancer in London’s Royal Ballet. As a child, he has dreams of being a football legend but his father has other plans for him. Mainly keeping him out of trouble. Although he is a talented dancer, the young boy despises ballet. After all, it doesn’t exactly make him the most popular kid on the playground. But with the right recognition, he sees his life transform as he is offered opportunities that expand beyond Havana and take him around the world. It’s exciting to see Acosta play himself as an adult in this painful yet heartwarming tale. 

Genre: Drama, Biography, Inspirational

Region: Cuba 

 42. Zona sur/ Southern Zone (Tubi TV, YouTube, and to buy on DVD on Amazon)

Living in a bubble isn’t all that bad for this wealthy Bolivian family who reside in the part of town referred to as Zona Sur. Besides their servants who are part of the Aymaran indigenous community in Bolivia, they have little to no interactions with people outside their circle. Tune into this movie to see what happens when the bubble bursts and the indigenous people begin to realize just how powerful they are. Available on YouTube at the time the article was written. 

    Genre: Drama 

    Region: Bolivia 

 43. Minuto final/ Final Minute (Prime Video)

After stumbling upon a homicide while he is off duty, police officer Leonardo decides to investigate the crime scene. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that something isn’t quite right about the scene, the motive and even the alleged assassin. When he bumps into his former boss, Leonardo discovers that this case is more personal than he is comfortable with.

Genre: Thriller 

Region: Ecuador

 44. From Core to Sun (Prime Video)

This documentary follows Millán Ludeña who is determined to set a new Guinness World Record. His goal? To connect the closest point to the center of the Earth with the closest point to the Sun. And he’ll do this by going approximately 3,500 km underground and running a half-marathon. That doesn’t sound too bad until you take into consideration that the temperature is 42 degrees celsius with 80% humidity. But that’s not all. After he completes the first half of his quest, he will run up to the peak of Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador. 

Genre: Documentary

Region: Ecuador 

 45. La casa del fin de los tiempos/ The House at the End of Time (Prime Video)

It’s the year 1981 and Dulce is living in a haunted house with her husband and two sons. After her family is mysteriously attacked, she is found guilty of murdering them and sentenced to 30 years in prison. After being released, she is sent back to the house that has caused her so much torment for decades. But this time, she is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Genre: Horror

Region: Venezuela

 46. Pelo malo/ Bad Hair (Prime Video)

Nine-year-old Junior is obsessed with straightening his curly hair. His mother is disturbed by this desire because she thinks that this is not a healthy obsession for a boy to have. Her fears transform into homophobia which causes the two of them to clash.

Genre: Drama

Region: Venezuela

 47. Viaje (Prime Video) 

Be prepared for your heart to melt as you follow the story of Luciana and Pedro. After meeting at a costume party, they become infatuated with one another. Their lovers’ high takes them on an adventure through the Costa Rican forest. The backdrop of the natural scenery deepens their connection while the black-and-white cinematography brings an old-school feel to the movie.

Genre: Romance

Region: Costa Rica

 48. La Yuma (Prime Video)

This movie is all about breaking conventions and not just because it was the first full-length film from Nicaragua in 20 years. Yuma is a teenage girl growing up in the slums who is determined to rise above her circumstances by becoming a professional boxer. No matter how hard life gets, she refuses to let her gender or economic class limit her. You’ll walk away from this movie feeling like anything is possible.

Genre: Drama, Action

Region: Nicaragua 

49. Chance (Prime Video)

Two housekeepers seize the opportunity to come into riches when they hold their employers hostage and demand a hefty ransom. 

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Region: Panama 

Other Verbs That Can Be Used for Looking or Watching

  • Buscar usually means to look for or to seek something. Note that it is not followed by a preposition meaning “for.”

Se dice que Juan Ponce de León siempre buscaba la fuente de la juventud.

It is said that Juan Ponce de León was always looking for the fountain of youth.

Busquemos la verdad y la hallaremos.

Let's look for the truth and we will find it.

  • Revisar is often used to refer to examining or looking over something carefully.

Revisamos todos los historiales médicos.

We looked over all the medical histories.

En cada una de las puertas, los miembros de seguridad revisaron los papeles requeridos para el ingreso de los estudiantes.

At each of the entry points, the members of the security team looked over the papers required for the students' admission.

  • Observar can be used much like "observe."

No pude observar nada, dado que yo me quedé fuera en la calle.

I couldn't observe anything because I was left outside on the street.

Quisieron observar la ciudad de noche.

They wanted to observe the city at night.

  • Fijarse sometimes means to focus visually on something.

¡Fíjate en el camino!

Keep your eyes on the road!

Los viajeros se fijaron en los relojes y aretes de diamantes.

The travelers keep their eyes on their watches and diamond earrings.