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What to do if you forgot to wash your growler right away

If consuming the beverage within your growler, or getting a little too into the party you were hosting, causes you to forget to rinse it for a day or longer, there are thorough cleaning options.

The bartender’s best friend (besides drunk girls who mistakenly thinking they’re cute) is a product called Star San. You can use this to rinse out your growler. It isn’t a soap, it is a self-foaming acid sanitizer. You’re going to want to follow all of the directions on the bottle.

How to make beer taste better and how to store beer?

  1. Beer likes to be cold
  2. Keep it in the dark environment and avoid sunlight
  3. Beer wants to be kept under pressure
  4. And protect it from oxygen

Beer growler near me or personalized beer growler?

Finding one near you depends on which state you live in but you can read more about it on my growler guide here.

How to clean a growler?

  1. Once you finished your growler recycle the cap immediately. Caps loose their seal over time it’s recommended to change the cap regularly.
  2.  Rinse the growler several times with hot water, as hot as you can get it. 
  3. Don’t use a detergent which is hard to remove with water and will react negatively with beer taste.
  4. Inspect and smell the growler to make sure no beer or particulate remains.
  5. Now the important part is to air dry the growler upside down with the cap off. The cap will seal in any bacterial flavors and odors that did not come out during rinsing
  6. Again recycle the cap and leave the growler open to dry.
  7. Now it’s ready to be re-used again.

Tools for Cleaning Growlers

  1. Angled bottle brush: If you have a growler with a small top or rounded sides, investing in an angled bottle brush is a good idea. These brushes allow you to scrub the bottom of the growler and get into the interior curves, ensuring you’ve cleaned the entire surface.
  2. Brew sanitizer: If you’re a homebrewer, you’re already no stranger to sanitizer for your brew. It’s good to have some on hand if you want to give your growler an extra cleaning (or if it’s been sitting empty for a while).

How Long Does Beer Last In A Growler

If you weren’t planning on consuming the contents

If you weren’t planning on consuming the contents of your growler right away then be sure to keep it refrigerated. Beer will stay fresh inside a sealed growler for about a week or two depending on the style of beer and the temperature it is stored at.

While it should go without saying, do not let your growler freeze. Growlers made from glass will crack and shatter if the beer inside of it freezes, and freezing beer will cause it to go flat no matter the material of your growler.

An opened growler is just like an open bottle of beer or a pint sitting on the bar. CO2 is being released as the beer is exposed to oxygen. You have about 24-48 hours to finish your opened growler before it starts to go flat. 

Avoid soap

Soap can leave a residue on the glass and affect the taste of your next beer, so most beer connoisseurs recommend against using dishwashing liquid. (That includes putting the growler in the dishwasher, which you shouldn’t do anyway because it might get chipped or damaged by other dishes.)

Other more effective options for extra-dirty growlers is to fill them with water and a little vinegar and swish or soak it with water and a bit of unscented OxiClean. If you’re a regular growler-user, it might be worth investing in a bottle of Star San, a foaming, no-rinse sanitizer.

If you’ve got a soft-bristle brush or baby bottle brush, that can help scrub out any residue from the nooks and crannies, too; but steer clear of wire brushes that can damage the glass.

If you didn’t clean it right away

We should all clean our growlers immediately and properly upon consuming the last drop, but sometimes we don’t. If you’ve finished your beer and you’re not in the mood to clean up (or you’re not near a sink), the folks at The Glass Jug recommend storing it in a cooler or refrigerator. The cold temperature will help limit any bacteria growth until you’re ready to clean.

Growler Filling Stations

A growler filling station is an excellent option f

A growler filling station is an excellent option for craft beer stores or brewpubs that want to have an area dedicated to filling growlers. These are kegerator units with multiple faucets that can hold a number of kegs depending on size. A filling station allows you to have a selection of beers on tap to meet the needs and tastes of your customers. 

Whether you are serving the public or just pouring pints at home, it’s handy to know how to properly fill a growler. That way everyone can have delicious draft beer whenever and wherever they want, and that’s the best part about growlers. 

The Importance of Keeping Your Growler Clean

This should just be common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t clean their growler after using it. If you fill a growler that wasn’t properly cleaned, then you won’t be able to experience the true flavors and aromas that the brewer intended.

In extreme circumstances of uncleanliness, mold and other nasty stuff may start to grow inside your growler. This is a sure bet that what you drink won’t taste right, or even be drinkable at all.

How to Keep Your Growler Clean:

  • Rinse it Quick:

    Directly after you pour the last of your beer, give it a rinse with hot water. If you can rinse it out pretty quickly after it’s finished, then that’s all you really have to do to get it clean and ready for the next fill.

  • Detergents & Cleansers:

    If you let the growler sit for awhile before rinsing it out, then you’ll want to use some sort of cleanser to help get it clean. If you do this, it is wise to not use a fat or oil-based soap. These will make it harder to completely rinse out, possibly leaving residuals behind that will, ultimately, ruin your next fill. If you have any homebrew cleansers sitting around your house, then I would recommend using those.

  • Consider Using a Brush:

    If it’s really nasty inside, then it may be best for you to use a brush to give it a good scrub. A carboy brush or baby-bottle brush will do the trick. However, it is not recommended that you use a brush with metal wires to clean a glass or ceramic growler, as it may damage the container.

  • Let it Air-Dry:

    Now that you’ve cleaned out the inside, it’s best to just let it air dry. I will turn mine upside down and lean it against the wall at an angle to help expedite this process. If you try to dry the inside with a towel, then you will likely leave tiny fibers behind, which will affect the overall quality of your next fill. It would also be a giant pain to try to hand-dry the inside of a growler. So, pack some patience and let it dry on its own.

Depending on where you take it get filled, they should offer to sanitize it for you. If so, take them up on it. Even if you just got done cleaning it out, this extra sanitization will help ensure that you get the best tasting beer. Unfortunately, not all places will offer this to you, so it’s still wise to make sure your growler is clean and ready before you even leave your house. If you do find a place that offers it, then you should continue going back to them, as they clearly know how to handle a growler.