Arduino-powered A-10 Stick Grip Remote W/Emergency Party Button!

The Emergency Party Button Video

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Party Button


Party Button. The Party Button is your access to a more casual gaming experience compared to the rest of the game. In this mode, you can play a variety of game modes solo or with other players and friends. Any match played from the Party Button will give you: The matchmaking in the Party is based on your King level and your cards’ levels.

Step 3: Stick Grip Pinout

Here it the B-8 pinout based on the letters on the connector at the base: A to E = China Hat Left B to E = China Hat Down C to E = China Hat Right D is unused E = common for all Thumb Hat switches F to K = Pinky switch G to R = AR/Missile switch H to N = Trigger (pulled all the way in to the 2nd stage switch) J is unused L is unused M is unused P to E = China Hat Up S to T = Pickle Button (top switch next to thumb hat) Once connected to the amphenol adapter, I soldered wires from each of the operable pins and tied them together on a distribution bus which will connect to the Arduino.

Step 7: Getting Arduino to Run X10 Devices

Fortunately there’s another brilliant mind out there like Ken Shirriff, the guy who made Arduino IR remote control available to the masses. His name is BroHogan and here is all you need to know on how to get X10 to work wirelessly with the Arduino: BroHogan Blog article on X10 and Arduino BroHogan Blog article on CM17A and Arduino He built an Arduino library for the CM17A Firecracker which you can download here . Besides the CM17A, also connected to this Arduino are: – The 10mm LED cyclon circuit on the top of the box, wired to pin 12 and powered directly by the Arduino – The 12v LED police flashers on the sides of the box powered by its own supply – The Red Alert Siren and LM386 amp circuit powered by its own supply The 12v LED’s and the Siren connect to the Arduino via Tip120 transistors as they are powered by their own power supply. Here is that awesome schematic on how to do this again:Controlling DC motors and lamps from the Arduino A quick note on what’s going on here. The Arduino itself works great for powering little stuff like simple LED’s and small servos with regulated 5v or 3.v power output. But it’s pins are limited to around 50mA or so and usually that’s not enough to power up external devices. That’s where transistors come in! I used Tip120’s because I had them in stock. You could probably use a whole bunch of different NPN transistors to do the same thing but all I had on hand were these and the 2N4401 I used for the IR remote LED’s in a previous step. For more on powering external devices with the Arduino see:Relays with ArduinoTransistors with Arduino

Trigger IFTTT from Tasker

As mentioned Tasker does not have integration with most smart devices, so we need IFTTT.

After you opened IFTTT go to “My Applets” > “+” > “this” > Search “Webhooks” > “Webhooks” > “Receive a web request” > choose “Event name” > “Create Trigger” >“that” > Select your smart device.

Depending on the smart device you need to have some custom setup. In my case, I have a Wemo Mini, installed the Wemo App and connected it to IFTTT via Wemo App. You should then be able to select that smart device in the “that” section of your setup.

Now we have a webhook. To trigger that webook we will need to open a URL. You can find your personal webhook URL by going on the IFTTT site:

Click on documentation and copy the link that will look like this with the key being your personal key.


Now you can simply add an “HTTP GET” Action in Tasker with the link above and adding your trigger name. For me this would look like this.


That’s it. Now you can create a webhook for each smart device you have.

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