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Why Should You Tip Pizza Delivery Drivers?

You might be wondering if you need to tip your pizza delivery person.

After all, you paid for the order and the driver is getting a paycheck, right?

Well, just like restaurant servers, delivery drivers depend on these tips to make ends meet. Here are three reasons why you need to tip the delivery person.

1. They don’t make much

Most restaurants know that pizza delivery drivers are tipped employees, so they generally earn minimum wage.

The other challenge with these delivery drivers is that they only work during meal times, so most aren’t even making a full-time income.

An average tip for pizza delivery of 15% will raise their pay to $11 per hour (on average), so you can see how tipping can make a difference for the driver – and motivate them to bring your food to you in a timely manner.

Think of your tip as a convenience fee, since the driver is bringing the food to you, you don’t have to get in your car and go pick up your pie yourself.

2. They incur a lot of wear and tear on their cars

Most delivery drivers use their own car for delivering pizzas right to your door.

That means they are paying out-of-pocket for expensive gas, car insurance, and putting wear and tear (plus mileage) on their vehicle.

Any tip that you give to these drivers goes a long way in minimizing some of these expenses.

3. They are often very busy

Traffic can be absolute madness during specific events, holidays, and even during the dinner rush hour.

If you order food on a holiday (or even an unofficial holiday like Super Bowl Sunday), you will be having a great time with your family and friends, but the driver will be on the road working to serve you.

It is good to reward that commitment and even dole out a few extra bucks to your driver during holidays to show them their good spirits won’t go unrewarded.


Pizza hut delivery fee

Like any other chain store, Pizza hut charges for the delivery fee; this is because they need to cover mileage to pay for the driver and the insurance like accidents to cover the drivers while on the road during delivery. There is a minimum charge for orders made by phone or online, which is$ 10; however, they never charge for a pick-up order at the stores.

They also have a flat rate charge of $5 to cover for delivery to your doorstep.

Reasons why you should tip

Below are some of the reasons why you should tip your pizza delivery guy next time he comes to your doorstep.

For the drivers to be dependent on the tips, this is usually because their income is usually lower than other staff members like the kitchen staff. Giving them tips only supplements what they get as their income.

It is also vital for the employers that you pay the drivers the tips so you save them from the huddle of having to make up for the difference, which ideally you would have made it easy by just giving them the tips.

When you tip the delivery driver next time he or she has so many deliveries to make, he will deliver the pizza to you fast before going to other people. Thus makes the delivery on time and hence served while hot.

Some pizza delivery guys are generous, so if you often tip them, they come with extra food snack or sodas and give it to you, or for your kids, they can give extras like pencils, rubbers, or toys with the store’s logo.

If you give tips next time you order, the driver will remember you and place your pizza first; hence, he may not crush your food; this gives you satisfaction from the taste and the presentation in itself.

There are instances where some stores had to remove their maps from certain areas just because the areas are notoriously known for their low tips to the drivers. It shows that even the stores know that the drivers receive the tips and how important it is for them and their customers to maintain them.

Some drivers receive as low as 20$ as their payments for the restaurant’s entire shift delivery depending on the number of times delivered; hence, they depend on the tips for the gas or the car upkeep and subsequently their time.

Some drivers use their cars and not the company’s car; hence use their fuel to get food delivered to you; tipping them will help ensure that they work efficiently and on time.

When the driver gets a new job and is used to giving him tips for the delivery services, he will recommend you to the next person who picks up his position and hence you won’t feel the gap as the service continues.

The pizza guy might decide to mess with your food next time you order just because his services may warrant a tip, but if you are too tight with your pocket to an extent you can’t appreciate him, don’t blame it messes up your food.

How Much to Tip Pizza And Other Food Delivery Drivers

For delivery orders of $20 or less, it is customary to offer a minimum tip of $3. For any amount over $20, tip 10 to 15% but never less than $5. 

Before opting for that $3 tip on small orders, consider whether you would make the same trip for a mere three bucks. If your driver was on time and polite, thank them with a better tip.

Do you have to tip the delivery people?

That, according to etiquette expert Jorie Scholnik, necessitates a gratuity. “Tipping 10-15% is an excellent place to start,” she advises. “If a delivery fee is not included, I typically pay the delivery guy 15%.” The Emily PostInstitute suggests tipping a driver 15-20% if the weather is severe.

What is the standard tip for pizza delivery?

It is usual to provide a $3 minimum gratuity on delivery orders of $20 or less. Tip 10% to 15% on every sum over $20, but never less than $5. Consider if you could make the same journey for three dollars instead of the $3 tip on modest orders.

2. If you are not happy with the service:

But what if I am not happy with the service you may ask. Even so, you should tip them minimum, not tipping is not an option. There are many reasons for bad service, let’s see if it is really the service delivery drivers fault? And whether you should take it out on the by tipping less!

Late Delivery

Unless you received a soggy and cold pizza, this should not affect your tipping.

Wrong deliveryMis handled package?

My take on How Much to Tip the Delivery Person:

There are so many factors that go into it. If you have a decent size order and the place is within a mile or two of your house, I can see 10% being enough – but I’d never go under that. And if it is more than a few miles and a small order, under $10 or so, I’d probably go up to 20% or more.

One thing is for sure: you should tip for food delivery. Many delivery restaurants pay minimal wages, and do not pay per delivery, so delivery staff wages are heavily reliant on your tips. Put yourself in their shoes.

Should you tip for food delivery?

You should absolutely tip food delivery drivers (or couriers or bikers, in certain cities), whether they're delivering pizza or hot food through a third-party delivery app. While pizza delivery drivers do receive minimum wage, employees whose job it is to drive their personal vehicles to your home—people working for Uber Eats, GrubHub, Seamless, or another food delivery service—with a hot meal are also depending on that little extra money.

Lifestyle and etiquette expert Elaine Swann suggests paying a $3 to $5 tip when the delivery driver arrives.

"Three to five dollars is a sufficient tip," Swann says. "It doesn't necessarily need to be a percentage of the food you ordered."

In other words, unlike calculating a tip for your restaurant server, how much to tip for food delivery or pizza delivery is more of a standard fee, though there are some cases where you might want to tip a bit more, Swann says.

"Maybe you live in a metropolitan area and you have a three-story walk-up. Or say it's raining outside, or it's a bad day for traffic, or it's that time of year with the Super Bowl or something," Swann says. "In those cases, you can give a little more if someone has gone above and beyond."

If you plan to become a repeat customer, that little extra can also go a long way toward assuring top-notch service. And if you have a large order—for a class party, say, or for a large group—plan to tip extra.

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How much to tip for grocery delivery

Nowadays, people get just about everything delivered home. For grocery delivery services like Instacart, it’s good to leave a generous 18% – 20% tip.

Wondering how much Instacart drivers make? Or how to earn some generous tips yourself? Our roundup of the best delivery driver apps has your answers.

How much to tip pizza delivery with delivery charge

Many restaurants and apps offer delivery – with a small delivery charge. In that case, you should still tip 15% for your delivery person.

The driver doesn’t receive any of that delivery charge and relies on customer tips to make ends meet. Their hourly wages tend to hover around the state minimum, as well.

Should you include the delivery fee when calculating the tip? This is completely up to you. However, keep in mind that the delivery fee usually goes to the restaurant, not the driver. It’s probably best to tip the full standard amount to your driver and not shortchange them.

Why Tipping Food Delivery Drivers Matters

Typically, food delivery drivers are paid minimum wage or less and earn more from tips. If a driver’s tips plus hourly wage does not equal federal (or if higher, state) minimum wage, the employer must make up the difference.

It is why most restaurants now charge a minimum delivery fee—it safeguards the employer from having to pay the driver to make up the difference if they do not earn enough tips. In essence, the delivery fee collected from you guarantees the driver at least minimum wage without the employer having to kick in. 

If the driver is making minimum wage based on their hourly pay rate, plus tips, minus the current rate of reimbursement per mile required by federal law, the employee probably does not get any of that delivery fee.

Some drivers are paid a small commission for each delivery to help offset the cost of gas and use of their car. They may also receive a small stipend for displaying the company’s pizza delivery sign on their car.

In addition to paying for their gas, insurance, and increased costs for wear and tear on their cars, delivery drivers may have to pay higher insurance premiums, carry extra coverage or pay uniform maintenance fees.

In other words, being a delivery person is not lucrative, and your tips make a difference to the driver.

A kind gesture

When tipping food delivery (or any service worker), Swann says there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid an awkward encounter.

The first is to fold the bills nicely, and to avoid dropping a fistful of change into the delivery person's hand. On the other end of the spectrum, don't worry about making the exchange covert by shaking hands with a bill pressed in your palm.

"Don't keep bills crumpled or balled in your hand," Swann says. "Just fold it in half and hand it to the person—it doesn't have to be a secret."

A kind word and a smile will also make it clear that the money you're handing over is intended as a tip for the food delivery driver to keep.

"Make sure you say something, like 'Here you go, thank you for your time,' or 'This is for you, thank you,'" Swann says. "Make sure you communicate with them verbally as you hand them that money."

Another tip: be patient, especially when tipping for pizza delivery.

"Let that person take the pizza out of the bag and hand it to you before you tip," Swann says.

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