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Cayenne Pepper: A Home Remedy to Stop Bleeding

I had him lift his finger up and I started pouring cayenne pepper on the finger. I just kept pouring on the cayenne pepper, about ½ cup. Then the blood stopped. Presto, the bleeding stopped. Whew.

I must confess, over the years, I have helped many people with this home remedy to stop bleeding, like with simple knife cuts while cutting veggies in the kitchen, so I really trust the remedy.

However, I hadn’t ever used cayenne on this big of a wound. When I first started pouring the cayenne pepper on Gabriel’s mangled finger, I thought, “I hope this works…”

The really amazing thing about this remedy is that it also helps reduce the pain. I know. Hard to believe, but it does. So now Gabriel was sitting down, no blood, not as much pain, but it was clear that he needed stitches.

Dad held him and started telling Gabriel about when he was just about Gabriel’s age, how he broke his nose… 8 stitches later, well, this week is going to be a little different than we thought.

“Equalizing Blood Pressure” Is Not a Thing

The top Google search results for the vaguely medical-sounding phrase “equalize blood pressure” are links to the very same articles about capsaicin’s ability to stop bleeding that we are working to debunk. However, in the herbal remedy world, the term appears most commonly to mean “lowering or raising [blood pressure] to normal levels,” according to the 2001 book Herbal Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Herbal Treatments.

The effect capsaicin has on blood pressure is a complicated and poorly understood area of science, and various studies suggest it has an ability to both raise or lower blood pressure depending on how and/or when it is administered. The potential ability for capsaicin to raise or lower blood pressure, however, is wholly irrelevant to the issue of wound healing, according to Lawrence Fine, a scientist with the Division of Cardiovascular Science at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. “I am unaware of any science information [holding] that any change within the normal range of blood pressure will affect wounding healing,” he told us via email.


Other Uses

In addition to stopping the bleeding from exterior wounds, cayenne works for internal hemorrhages inside the nose, stomach and throat. In these cases, of course, the cayenne must be taken orally. Cayenne also works to improve blood circulation, assist digestion, stimulate perspiration and saliva and lessen pain from swollen or arthritic joints and limbs.

Cayenne Pepper Precaution

Now, the biggest precaution I want you to really hear me on is this: with all the chaos and high stress that comes with a bleeding finger, well, you just start to forget that you have cayenne pepper on your hands.

If anyone involved even slightly rubs their eyes, well, let’s just say it is very painful to have cayenne pepper in your eyes…

Make sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly and no hands in your eyes!

So Gabriel has been kind of lying around all week and is on the mend. No riding horses for a while…

There you have it. Cayenne pepper, hemostatic superstar. The spice that stops bleeding.

Cayenne pepper can stop bleeding and reduces pain, not just for minor cuts, but lacerations, which are deep cuts that have gone into the fat tissue.