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Where Can I Get A TV Fish Tank?

Because the television has to be an old tube style one in order to fit a whole fish tank inside, this style of aquarium also gives a cool retro look to your room.

You can house your favourite finned friends in a really unique tank that will impress all of your house guests.

You can probably find a website on-line to buy one of these impressive TV fish aquariums, but it’s a little difficult to find a good one, and you’re probably looking at a couple hundred dollars to buy one.

If you happen to have an old TV lying around, or know where you could get one, then you might want to make your own TV fish tank.


Step 3: Disassemble the TV

This, in my opinion, is the best part of the project next to seeing the fish swim around in the finished tank.

Take out all the electronics, the CRT, and any supports that will prevent the tank from sitting flush against the front wall. This will require a variety of screwdrivers and socket wrenches, so see the pictures for various scenarios you will likely encounter. The main goal of this step is to allow the tank to sit as close to the front wall of the console as possible.

Once all the electronics and supports are removed, you can use an xacto knife or other sharp knife to cut away any of the plastic CRT trim that hangs back past the front wall of the console.

As for the top panel of the console, free up enough of the supports to remove the lid for easy access to the fish tank once it is in place and full of water. For the Zenith console, this just consist of removing some screws and prying loose some glue like the pictures for this step.


An important thing for aesthetics is to hang on to the black cover for the TV’s IR receiver and remember to add it back to the TV console before the end of the project. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember, so there is a small square above the TV buttons where the tank’s lights shine through to the front.

Also, if you want to add some sort of micro-controller or computer to control your fish tank features, it would be a great idea to save the button panel and wires for the TV console buttons to use as inputs for your other projects.


This is a real warning. When you take apart a CRT TV, make sure to take all precautions possible (like using properly grounded equipment, working in a clean area, etc.) to ensure you don’t get zapped by charges stored in the TV. If you have questions about this, talk to an expert.

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Step 6: Enjoy!

Now that you have an awesome fish tank TV, make sure you take some time to watch your fish swimming around!

If you enjoyed this project as much as me and my cat, Catsper, have any ideas or suggestions or want to share pics of your own fish tank TVs, leave a comment below or message me!