How Not To Get Dumped By Your Boyfriend

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Did you hear it from someone else?

If so, consider the maturity of your circle of friends or age group.

I know that some of my readers are teenagers.

God help you.

At that age it is difficult to know if what you’re hearing is gossip, a lie intended to hurt you, something heard incorrectly, or the truth.

So remaining calm without an emotional reaction serves you best by far.

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Sometimes people of that age like drama and to cause drama for their own amusement.

If you show them that you are not a potential source for that, that person (or group of people) will likely stop making things up to try to get a reaction from you.

Trust me, the cool, calm, and collected people do better in all areas of life than the ones who freak out and air their dirty laundry in public.

There will be a time to find out the truth, but it needs to come from your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Not the local gossip.

8. By not being too dependent either

It may sound as being in direct contradiction of the above point but it isn’t. There is a fine balance between letting your guy feel needed and being actually too needy yourself. You are not a child and he doesn’t want to treat you like one either. So, instead of having him chauffeur you around either learn driving yourself or remember that there are auto rickshaws and buses in abundance to choose from. 
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Your Boyfriend’s Best Joke is a Fart

Hey, we all occasionally have a huge meal of Mexican food. There’s nothing wrong with a breakfast burrito on a Sunday. Then you can’t hold it in during Sunday sermon. It’s just that most of us try to politely exit before that fart cloud explodes. I know, most guys think farting is a sport. So, anytime they can let one loose, they will. Farts are a laugh riot. There are just some places you don’t fart and church is one of them. It’s one thing if your boyfriend farts in your face. But when he farts in God’s face, it’s time to take a stand.

Farting in church is obviously just the tip of the iceberg. You should dump any man with terrible manners unless you experience very significant and very quick success retraining him. It might be that a man doesn’t know his meal fork from his salad fork. However, if you’re able to explain it to him and he learns from it, you might have a keeper. But he is always the bull in the china shop, dump him quick. A man who embarrasses you in public isn’t worth the trouble.

3. By keeping your family out of it

If you want your man to not tell her mom every time he comes to meet you; you should too keep from feeding every tiny detail of your arguments and disagreements to your own mother and sisters. If your kiss is meant to be a private affair, so do these small fights and discussions. Giving negative details to them will only make them dislike your boyfriend. And then you wonder why you need convincing them to let you go out with him late night. 
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Your boyfriend vomits in your mouth while kissing

I can accept a belch in my mouth now and again. If the guy is really hot or we’ve both been drinking, those are just things that happen. And I suppose if you’re both alcoholics, vomiting in each other’s mouths isn’t uncommon. You can’t get all high and mighty with him over an occasional accident.

However, if you’re a normal couple, it’s a different story. For some reason he just decides that he’s going to intentionally throw up in your mouth well, that’s a deal-breaker. You need to seriously take stock of your relationship. There are a lot better men out there, especially ones that won’t vomit in your mouth.

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