How to Clean a Beer Growler

Types of Growlers

Let’s start with the growler itself. Growlers come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. The most common are glass jugs, but stainless steel and ceramic growlers are also popular options. No matter what type of growler you have, you need to keep it clean. Many taprooms will clean the growler before filling it, but don’t leave that to chance. Make sure you take a clean growler with you to get a fill-up.

How to Wash Your Growler(s)

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Anyone who has cleaned their Growler, would you be willing to post your order of operation and equipment used. Any info is appreciated.


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Clean it right away

As soon as you’ve poured that last ounce of beer, rinse the growler out a few times with hot (but not boiling) water. If you’ve got a sprayer attachment on your sink, that works great to get into all the crevices of the growler, but regardless, immediate hot water poured in and swished around should do the trick.

Growler definition beer and Beer growler history?

A growler is a reusable and refillable bottle you can fill with your choice of draft beer. It says that in the 1900s the beer was transported home from the pub with a galvanized pail bucket.

And rumour says that the beer created a rumbling noise as the CO2 escaped from the lid of the pale, and from that, the name Growler was attached.

How to make beer taste better and how to store beer?

  1. Beer likes to be cold
  2. Keep it in the dark environment and avoid sunlight
  3. Beer wants to be kept under pressure
  4. And protect it from oxygen

Draft Beer Cleaning Log

A draft beer cleaning log helps to keep track of when your draft system was cleaned. This is especially important for bars, restaurants and breweries with multiple people on staff. This ensures that line cleaning will be followed up on a regular basis. Keep a draft beer line cleaning log posted inside your cooler or near your draft system so that the information is readily available.

Public ‘Last Cleaned’ Date

Publicly posting when your draft system was last cleaned lets your friends and customers know you are serious about providing them with the freshest product possible from your draft system. A great way to deliver this message is by posting it on your beer menu, especially if you use a chalkboard or white board to show what is on tap. You can also share the information through your social media channels.

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Tips for a Clean Growler”>Tips for a Clean Growler

Store your growlers with the lid off (and upside-down if possible) to keep anything from accumulating in the empty jug.

When getting your growler filled, ideally the bartender will sanitize the bottle and purge oxygen with CO2. Once the growler is firmly capped, do not open it until you’re ready to drink the beer. Once the bottle is opened, the carbonation is released and oxygen is introduced, which will compromise the taste and quality of the beer over time. So when you pour that delicious draft beer from your growler, settle in to enjoy the experience in a single setting.

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