How to get money out of a piggy bank without breaking it



Characters and pets

When players unlock a new village, they will be introduced to new characters. The game also features other mythological characters, including warriors, witches, wizards and queens among others. Players can obtain three types of pets, Foxy, Tiger and Rhino. These pets are designed to help the players collect more coins in their own way.

Players are able to raise their pet by giving them treats. The pet’s experience points can also be increased by using experience potions. It is important to note that each pet offers the players unique features. Tiger gives players extra coins for each attack, while Foxy gives players extra coins for a raid up to 107 percent of the raid value. However, Rhino protects player’s village from attacks.

Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank collects spins every time the player lands on one of the symbols listed in the pay table. Players are able to find the pay table by clicking on the golden Piggy Bank icon on the upper left-hand corner on the Main Screen. After selecting the golden Piggy Bank, players can click on the blue info coin to view the pay table.

Players should remember that the higher they bet,

Players should remember that the higher they bet, the more spins will be added to their Piggy Bank. It is important to note that when players are ready to claim the spins, they need to purchase the Piggy Bank with real-life money. After making the purchase, players can give the Piggy Bank a smash to obtain the spins. Players will receive a new Piggy Bank once the old one has been cracked open.

It is also important to note that the Piggy Bank has a Spin Limit. This means that once it has reached full capacity, it will stop collecting spins until players purchase it. Players can see how many spins the Piggy Bank has collected by clicking on it.

It is believed that the Piggy Bank’s price depends on the village players are building. This means that players might have to pay more to unlock their Piggy Bank if they have reached a higher-level village.

3. Out With the Old, Especially Bad Spending Habits

Countless preparations take place for Chinese New Year. The tradition of sweeping the old year and any bad luck out of your home can be applied to your finances as well. We all have habits when it comes to our money, sweeping a little spending or debt under the rug more often than we care to admit. 

Think about any daily habits that add up over time, e.g. buying coffees and lunches out, rather than brown-bagging it at least 50% of the time. Everyone needs to check their utility and ongoing bills annually to see if what they’re paying for matches their usage, or if a better deal is available. For some, their habits have formed dependencies that end up costing them dearly, e.g. smoking or substance use. While others pay to play and their gaming turns to gambling

Once a year, shine a bright light into the dark corners of your budget. Sweep out anything old or unwise that no longer needs to be there. Give yourself a fresh start and focus on using your money and means to get closer to, rather than further away from, your goals. Engaging in smart money habits will help your little piggy bank mature.

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