How to Hide a Beer in Public

How do you disguise beer in public?

18 Sneaky Ways To Drink Booze In Public

  1. Hide your beer can inside a soda can.
  2. Rock a Beerbelly.
  3. Or, for the ladies, the super-stylin’ WineRack.
  4. Fun fact: You can fit an entire bottle of wine in a Starbucks “Trenta” cup!
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts cups are also an excellent choice for morning/day drinking.


Step 1: Supplies

opaque bendy straws (I bought mine at IKEA)12 oz beer canssmall ice cubes*a willingness to bend laws, along with strawsa public leisure location

*A flat flexible ice pack like this one (cut down) would also work well and provide even more of a visual barrier for the rebel beer within.

How can I drink beer without getting caught?

Drink carefully to avoid getting caught.

  1. If you’re using a flask to conceal alcohol, drink when others are not around. Sneak off to a private location to steal a drink.
  2. Keep the container in which you’re hiding alcohol away from others. If they take a sip or smell the alcohol, you’ll end up getting caught.

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Step 3: Lock and Load

Put the bendy straw into the straw hole on the lid and then put the end of the straw into the beer.

Press the lid firmly onto the cup lip.