– How to Make Someone Think your Phone is Disconnected 2022

Is there an app to make your phone sound disconnected?

What is call blocking?After years of research, we’ve built the best call blocker for Android or iOS. When you download the YouMail mobile app and people begin to call, your phone automatically detects unwanted calls, prevents the phone from ringing and plays an “out of service” message. The call is then disconnected.


Why would a phone be disconnected?

A disconnected phone service means that your service provider has removed the connection to your phone for a variety of reasons. You or the owner of the phone may have requested that your phone is disconnected. Another reason you may have a disconnected phone is an existing outstanding balance on the account.

How to fix AirPods that disconnect from an iPhone

To stop your AirPods losing the Bluetooth connection, work through the checklist of possible causes and eliminate them one by one.

Are they out of power? Have you accidentally turned off Bluetooth or selected the wrong audio output? Is it a physical problem with one earbud, is ear detection playing up, or do the AirPods just need to be cleaned? Finally, we can check for sources of signal interference.

What If Your Phone Stays Stuck In Headphone Mode?

If you’ve done everything we mentioned above but your phone is still in headphone mode, you may need to contact a professional for help.

Call your service provider and ask for an appointment to visit a repair center. If your phone is still under warranty, you may not have to pay anything to have it repaired.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with an independent repair center that you trust.

Unless you’re an expert and absolutely know what you’re doing, do not try to root your phone. Rooting is done by power uses who know their way around Android’s system files. If you don’t want to risk damaging your phone, it’s best to leave rooting to the pros.

If the problem is caused by a defect in the phone or a flaw in its design, your service provider will have to compensate you for it.

Step 9: Turn off Automatic Ear detection

This is another feature you should try turning off, to test whether your AirPods work better without it.

  1. Open Settings > Bluetooth on your iOS device.
  2. Tap the i next to your AirPods, then turn off Automatic Ear Detection.

This feature should automatically divert audio to your AirPods as soon as it detects they’re in your ears, but it’s worth checking to see if something is playing up.

How to Make Someone Think your Phone is Disconnected – Step #3 Block Calls from Numbers you Want Make Think your Number is Disconnected

At this point you have your cell phone set up so all calls are automatically forwarded to your Google Voice account. Now you want to follow these instructions to make certain people think your phone number has been disconnected.

Google Voice is fantastic in that all you have to do to make your number appear disconnected is simply block a phone number. To do this you can either …

  • Wait for the person to call or text you once so you can then proceed to block them.
  • Call or text them once so their number is in the Google Voice system so you can block them. If you call them it only has to ring once and then you can hang up.
  • Use a caller id spoofing service to call your Google Voice number with the phone number you wish to block showing up in your Google Voice account.

Here are a couple of reliable caller ID spoofing services online that are free and can be used to make the phone number appear in your Google Voice account, that you wish to have believe your phone has been disconnected:

Once the phone number of the person you want them to think your phone number is disconnected is in the Google Voice account, to block them:

  1. In either the Google Voice phone calls tab or text messages tab, click on the phone number you wish to appear disconnected.
  2. Look for the three vertical dots which is an options sub menu for that phone number. Click the three vertical dots to make the sub menu appear.
  3. Click Block Number.
  4. Repeat this process for any other phone numbers you want to make it look like your phone number has been disconnected.
  5. To really sell the idea your phone has been disconnected, you might want to also add phone number of friends and/or relatives of the person/people you wish to think your phone is no longer in service. That way if the person tries to call from one of these friends or relatives phone and they get the same phone disconnected message, they will then truly believe that your phone is disconnected.
Google Voice Block Number
Google Voice Block Number

When a person in your Google Voice blocked number list calls you, this is what they will hear:

How to Make Someone Think your Phone is Disconnected App

You could probably do a search on Google Play or the App Store to find apps that will make it look as though your phone has been disconnected to certain people, the only problem is that, in most cases, you will have to pay for an app that has the ability to make your cell phone appear disconnected, especially if you want you cell phone to look disconnected ONLY to certain, specific phone numbers.

An app called Trapcall that worked amazingly well. You simply add any phone number you wish to Trapcalls blacklist and anytime a phone number in the blacklist called, they immediately got a greeting that genuinely sounded as though the phone was disconnected.

The problem with Trapcall and other types of apps for making your phone appear disconnected is

  • They are not free.
  • Cell phone apps tend to be buggy to say the least. If you really want to sell the idea that your phone is disconnected, reliability is pretty important.

Fix AirPods Connected But No Sound Windows 11 or Windows 10

When AirPods Pro or AirPods are connected but have no sound on Windows 10, you may need to configure and tweak few settings of your Windows 11 PC. Follow the step in the sequence.

  1. Set AirPods as default playback for Windows 10, Search Sound located in the Settings. Click on the Output tab and select AirPods that are currently connected to Windows PC. Set AirPods as the default player for your PC. Another way to choose AirPods as a playback device is to click on Sound icon and select AirPods.
Set AirPods As an Output Device on Windows 11 PC
Set AirPods As an Output Device on Windows 11 PC
  • Alternatively, click on the Sound icon at the taskbar and make sure the volume is high.
  • Make sure Bluetooth Support in Windows 10 is ON, Go to Services (search for Services) and find Bluetooth Support Services. Set the Startup type to Automatic and click Start.
  • Bluetooth Support Service for Connect Device Autom
    Bluetooth Support Service for Connect Device Automatically on Windows PC
  • Still, if AirPods connected but no sound on Windows 10 PC, then update the Bluetooth Driver manually. Visit the official website of your PC/Laptop and enter the model number to download the Bluetooth Driver or search for Device Manager and Right-click on Bluetooth and Update it.
  • Turn on vibrate or mute

    1. Press a volume button.
    2. At the right, above the slider, tap Ring        To turn on vibrate, tap Vibrate .       To .
      • To turn on vibrate, tap Vibrate To mute, tap Mute ..
      • To mute, tap Mute .


    • To turn the ring or sound back on your phone, turn off Vibrate To silence your phone's ring when you receive a ca or Mute To silence your phone's ring when you receive a ca
    • To silence your phone’s ring when you receive a call, press a volume button. 
    Turn off some sounds and vibrations

    You can silence all sounds, or turn on certain sounds like alarms or important calls.  Learn how to control which sounds are silenced with ‘Do Not Disturb’.

    Make all phone calls vibrate

    Press a volume button. At the right, tap the Menu . If needed, tap See more. Turn on Vibrate for calls. Or tap Vibration and haptics  Vibrate for calls Turn on Always vibrate.

    Change what happens when you press Power and Volume up

    Tip: To quickly turn on vibrate, press Power + Volume up. Open your phone’s Settings app. Tap Sound and vibration Shortcut to prevent ringing. Turn Prevent ringing on or off. If you don’t see ‘Prevent ringing’, go to the steps for older Android versions. Choose what happens when you press Power and Volume up: Vibrate: Phone calls and notifications vibrate Mute: Phone calls and notifications are silent

    Device settings