How to re-seed Torrent after windows reinstall


  • It’s a good idea to check the descriptions of torrent files on search engine results for notes about corrupt or dummy files. Users of Bit Torrent communities are generally helpful when it comes to avoiding these types of files.

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How do I stop .torrent files from opening up with Shareaza

Go to

Tools > Shareaza Settings… > General > Web

and uncheck the .torrent association box. Hit apply. Now run your BitTorrent program’s setup and tell it to take over .torrent files. Note that there will be conflicts in .torrent handling if you do not remove Shareaza from handling .torrents first.

If after doing the above Shareaza is still grabbing torrent links, you can edit the .TORRENT file type directly to open with whatever program you desire. Go to the Folder Options control panel from within the Tools menu of Windows Explorer, and within the file types tab, choose to edit the .TORRENT file type. Go to the open command, and edit it to select whatever program you wish to be the default handler of torrents. Also edit the DDE application for the open command, or turn off DDE.

NOTE: Some users have experienced Shareaza refusing to “uncheck” BitTorrent link handling in the Shareaza settings. The change will not ‘take’. In this case, uninstall Shareaza and then run your other BitTorrent application and set it to take BitTorrent links. Verify in the Folder Options that the TORRENT file type’s DDE application is not Shareaza, and the default application to open TORRENT links is the one you want. You can then reinstall Shareaza while remembering not to check BitTorrent link handling when the QuickStart Wizard is first run.

How do I connect to BitTorrent?

You do not have to “connect to” BitTorrent, as you have to connect to P2P networks, as BitTorrent is not a network. When you download a .torrent file from a website, Shareaza will read the information contained in that .torrent file and connect to a mini-network of hosts (a so-called swarm) and central tracker (if used). BitTorrent provides no means of searching for content distributed with it.


  • Be aware that by downloading files (such as movies or songs) which you don’t already own, you are probably violating copyright law. There is a very real risk of litigation for users doing this.

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