How to staple without a stapler

What Are Surgical Staples?

Surgical staples are special staples applied to surgical wounds to hold them together while they heal. They are also used to connect or remove parts of certain organs or tissues within the body, such as the bowels or lungs.

Unlike sutures, which often are intentionally left on the wound to dissolve into the patient’s skin as the wound heals, most forms of surgical staples must be removed by a doctor once sufficient healing has occurred.

What Are Surgical Staples Made of?

Most surgical staples are made of stainless steel or titanium. However, other metals may be used, including:

  • Chromium
  • Nickel
  • Iron

Plastic staples also exist for patients allergic to the metals of which most staples are made. In some cases — mostly plastic surgery procedures — absorbable staples made of polylactide-polyglycolide copolymer are used. Naturally, no removal procedure is necessary for these.

Types of Surgical Staples

Medical professionals have a few different options for the types of staples they use. The type they choose may depend on procedure:


  • Circular staples: Sometimes called EEA devices, these are usually used to connect a smaller vessel to a larger vessel’s side, called end-to-end anastomosis. End-to-end anastomosis is performed after bowel resection.
  • Laparoscopic staples: Longer and thinner than circular staples, these are mostly used in minimally invasive surgical procedures.
  • Titanium staples: Titanium is a strong yet flexible metal, so titanium staples are often used in internal surgeries. All titanium staples do have nickel present in them, so they aren’t pure titanium.


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: Swingline Stapleless Stapler, 5 Sheets, White

The stapleless stapler offers a new way to staple, without staples. The stapleless stapler punches a small hole in papers and tucks the punched-out tab under the bottom sheet to keep papers together. This paper fastener is made with convenience in mind. Small and compact, it allows handheld use and is great for kids or adults.

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How do you use a Bostitch staple gun?

Grasp the top arm of the stapler which is situated over the metal carrying tray. Hold down the bottom of the stapler with your free hand. Pull the arm upward to open the hinge that holds it over the carrying tray. Push the arm back until the tension on the hinge is relieved and the carrying tray is fully exposed.

How do you load a Bostitch h2b stapler?

Users can reload the Bostitch H2B by opening the metal release at the front of the stapler and emptying the H2B of any remaining staples. Loading new staples in with old staples can result in a jam. Insert a full stick of 84 staples into the gun. Users can then shut the clip over the opening and resume use.

Things You’ll Need

  • Stapler (ordinary or centerline)
  • Staples
  • Paper

With an ordinary stapler:

  • Two large books
  • Corrugated cardboard, foam, or other soft material

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Types of Staplers

HOME, OFFICE & SCHOOL USE Perfect for in the office or easy use at home, desktop staplers take on a classic look while providing simple tacking. These units are lightweight for various use and are the most recognized models.

OFFICE & SCHOOL USE  Heavy duty staplers are great for powerful stapling as they staple 40+ sheets at a time, like the EZ Squeeze™ 130 sheet heavy duty stapler, that effortlessly staplers 2 to 130 sheets with a single staple size. Great for common areas such as copy rooms, heavy duty staplers are great for binding together projects such as blueprints and portfolios. These units are larger and heavier in size, and may require special sized staples.

OFFICE & CONSTRUCTION USE  Plier staplers are the ideal staplers for businesses such as dry-cleaners and warehouses. However, they’re also great for mailrooms and schools as they make stapling letters and documents a breeze. They typically have soft, gripped handles for user’s utmost comfort.

HOME, OFFICE & SCHOOL USE  One of the most unique types of staplers is the booklet stapler. Great for tacking together brochures and magazines, or your DIY booklet or bullet journal, booklet staplers feature a long throat to reach the middle of documents. Don’t let the appearance scare you; they’re user-friendly!

HOME, OFFICE & SCHOOL USE Similar to the booklet stapler, a long reach stapler features a deep throat to staple the middle of papers. However, it’s more compact and is customizable to fit your documents with an adjustable paper stop and integrated ruler.

TRAVEL & SCHOOL USE  Designed specially for small hands and on-the-go use, mini staplers are great anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s a unique craft or standard document, these mini staplers always come in handy. Making them extra unique, they use their own special mini staples and come in various eye-catching colors.

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