how to tie your shoe with no hands

Step 5: Step 5

After you have made a hoop and left one lace undone you are going to want to wrap the lace that you had undone around the hoop.


More fun ways to tie your shoes:

Shoe laces are great accessories if you know how to tie them fashionably. Here are a few more styles to pop your shoes with splendor.

Two color flash:

  • Take any two colored laces.
  • Start from the left side. Take a green colored lace and from lace it from the second eye from inside. Pull out the lace and make a loop.
  • Now pass the lace from underneath to the next eye and again make a loop. Continue till the last eye.
  • Repeat the same method on the right side using a pink colored lace.
  • Next intercourse both the colored loops from inside each other till you reach the bottom eye.
  • Secure both the colored loops end with the remaining ends.

© This image is from Amazon

© This image is from Amazon

Tie the ends inside the shoe so that the knot is unexposed.