How to View your Pending Friend Requests on Facebook Timeline [Updated]

What is a Friend Request on Facebook?

Facebook lets you customize the privacy of your account to a great deal. Not only can you customize who can view your profile, but also each post. When you want to connect with a person on Facebook, you need to send them a Friend Request. This sends a notification to the other user.

They can then decide whether they would like to accept it or not. If they do, you will be added to their Friends list and will be able to view all their content that is shared with the ‘Friends’ privacy setting.


How to See Pending Friend Requests on Facebook on Android

The process works the same on the Android version of Facebook:

  1. Launch Facebook and hit the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand part of your screen.Head to the “Friends” section. This wi
  2. Head to the “Friends” section. This will take you to all the requests you’ve received from other users that you haven’t deleted or accepted.In the upper right-hand corner, press the “S
  3. In the upper right-hand corner, press the “See All” option right next to the “Friend Requests” area.In the upper right-hand corner, press the overflow
  4. In the upper right-hand corner, press the overflow menu represented by the three horizontal dots. It’s located opposite the “Requests” section.A tab will now emerge from the lower part of the s
  5. A tab will now emerge from the lower part of the screen. Tap the “View sent requests” options, and you’ll immediately see the users you’ve sent a friend request to.

How many times can you send a Friend Request?

Once you send a Friend Request on Facebook, you cannot send another one to the same person until you cancel the previous one. When you cancel a Friend Request, the person will not be notified. However, when you send them a new one they will receive a notification.

There is no limit to how many times you can cancel a Friend Request and send a new one to the same person. When you send a new Friend Request, your name will rise to the top of the list of their Friend Requests.

For how long does a Facebook friend request last?

A friend request never expires on Facebook, it’s there forever until the recipient accepts or rejects it. Yes, you have heard me. Even if the recipient rejects your request, the request may disappear depending on both of the user’s privacy settings. However, once users accept your request, then you get a notification in the Notification Center on Facebook.

Why cant I see a sent friend request on Facebook?

There are five possibilities for why cannot you see a friend request you sent on Facebook. The 1st one is the user has disabled, deactivated, or delete his account from Facebook. The 2nd one is the person who has added to the restricted list or deleted your request. In the 3rd one, the user has rejected your requests (in most cases). The 4th one is, it is might be a bug. The last possibility for the issue, Facebook has temporarily the account of that user. Could be possible for any other but as per personal experience, these are the main five reasons for it. The annoying thing, you can’t actually do anything to fix the issue.

Step 2: Manage Your ‘Pending Friend Requests’ List

Unlike any Facebook applications, you need to update this list manually whenever a friend request is accepted. You can easily aware who just accepted your friend requests via Facebook Notifications or email alerts. After that, remove your new friend from the ‘Pending Friend Requests’ list.

Now, what if you missed the notifications and forgot all about the list after sometimes? Fear not, there are ways you can modify the list after several accepted friend requests.

Bear in mind, your custom list will be consisting of updates from both your new (accepted) friends and non-friends (their public stories). Therefore you need to make sure the correct profile been removed from your ‘pending friend requests’ list, but how do you determine that?


Method #1 – Update ‘Pending Friend Requests’ List in News Feed

a. Open your ‘Pending Friend Requests’ list and scroll through the feed. Hover over the profile to reveal his connection with you: If he/she had accepted your friend request, the ‘Friend’ button will appear. Remove everyone who established the ‘Friend’ connection with you, leaving the actual pending requests remained.


Method #2 – Check if Someone Had Accepted Your Friend Request

Instead of visiting the person’s facebook profile, you can check this within your custom list:

a. In your ‘Pending Friend Requests’ list -> ‘See All’ (upper right corner) to load the popup menu.

b. From ‘On This List’ you can have an overview of the people you sent friend requests to on Facebook. The unanswered/unaccepted friend requests will not appear in your ‘Friends’ list. For example, if Ron had yet to accept my friend request, his name won’t appear in my ‘Friends’ list. That’s how you know if a particular friend request is still pending or accepted.

These methods can only assist you this far in monitoring current and future sent requests but not previous ones. If anybody knows how to track back old (unlisted) friend requests, be sure to drop me a message!


Additional FAQs

What Is a Friend Request on Facebook?

The purpose of a friend request is to connect you with other people on Facebook. Once a friend request has been dispatched, the receiving side receives a notification, and they can decide whether they wish to accept your offer or not. If the request is accepted, the user will appear on your Friends list, and you’ll gain access to their shared content, including photos and statuses.

How Do You Cancel Friend Requests on Facebook?

You can cancel your friend requests whenever you want, provided the users haven’t already accepted them. The other person doesn’t receive a notification about the cancellation anyway. However, if the user has spotted your friend request and noticed the offer, they may realize that the friend request has been canceled once it’s gone.

Here’s how to cancel your Facebook friend requests:

• Open Facebook and press the “Find Friends” button.

• Hit the “Friend Requests” optio

• Hit the “Friend Requests” option, followed by “View Sent Requests.”

• All your sent requests will be here. To can

• All your sent requests will be here. To cancel them, just press the “Cancel request” button beside the user(s).

See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook app

See Sent Friend Requests on Facebook app

The latest update of the Facebook app allows users to see sent friend requests. The steps to ‘view sent requests’ are as follows:

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 02 minutes

How to view sent friend requests on Facebook app

  1. Navigate to Friends or Find Friends from hamburger menu

    Launch the Facebook app. On the top-right corner on Android or bottom-right corner on iPhone, tap on the hamburger menu ☰. Tap on Friendsor Find Friends.

  2. Tap on See All

    Counterintuitively, the Friends or Find Friends option will not take you to your friends list. Instead, you will view some of the requests you have received from other people (but not yet accepted or deleted). In the top-right area, opposite to Friend Requests is an option called See All, which you will tap on.

  3. Tap on overflow menu (horizontal three-dot menu)

    After you have tapped on See All, you will see all of the requests you have received from other people. On the top-right corner, tap on the overflow menu or horizontal three-dot (…) menu, just opposite to Requests.

  4. Tap on View Sent Requests

    A tab will appear from the bottom, and you will tap on View Sent Requests. You will instantly see the list of people who you have sent requests to.