Imagus is not working correctly? First thing to try

Images not working on iPhone

With iOS 11, several users iPhone and iPad have started reporting that they’re unable to send GIFs and images using the #images feature and that search results are either returning empty, or the images couldn’t be found altogether.

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7. Try Renaming the Chrome Data Folder

According to many Chrome users, an issue with Chrome’s data folder (files are deleted or corrupt) can cause images to not load in Chrome.

You can test if this is the problem and fix it by renaming the default data folder.

1. Select the Start menu, type Run, and select the Run app.

2. In the Open field, type %localappdata% and select the OK button.

3. In the Windows Browser window that opens, navigate to //AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data.

Rename the Default folder to anything else. Then, relaunch Chrome. Chrome will recreate a new Default folder inside of User Data

If the old Default folder was causing the problem, then you should now see images when you visit the problematic web page.

4. Test No Extensions with Incognito

Another issue that can cause problems with images loading in Chrome are browser extensions. It’s difficult to troubleshoot which extension is causing the issue, especially if you’re running a lot of them.

The easy way to test this is to run Chrome in Incognito mode. This will launch the browser without any extensions loaded. To do this, just select the three dots at the upper right to open the Chrome menu and select New incognito window.  

Try loading the problematic web page in this new incognito window. If the pages load, then the issue is most likely one of your extensions. If this is the case, close incognito mode and open a regular browser window. 

Access the extensions menu by opening settings, select More tools, and then select Extensions

Disable the active extensions one at a time and keep testing the web page. 

Once you disable one and the web page can load images, you know that extension is the issue. Consider selecting Remove to delete it completely from Chrome.

Fix #images Could Not Load Results on iPhone

After capturing quality pictures with your iPhone, you probably want to enjoy looking at them and sharing them with friends. However, at times the photos won’t just load. How to fix images that could not load results? You can use the tips below;

Free some memory space on your device-The photos may not be loaded due to insufficient space on your iPhone.

Therefore, if there are large iPhone videos format, unused Apps, or anything that you no longer need on your device, you can get rid of them to clear up some memory space.

The good thing is that you can know what occupies the most space on your device. If you want to know this, you can follow the steps below;

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap on General
  • Select Storage and iCloud Usage
  • Under Storage, tap on “Manage Storage”. Once you are here, you view your data
  • Look at your list of apps together with the memory space occupied by each one of them.
  • Once you get one or two that occupy much memory space but you don’t require, you can get rid of it by uninstalling it.
  • in this way, you create some memory space.
  • The Optimize Storage Feature- You can turn it off on your iPhone to help with the problem.
  • Use iCloud- If nothing works to fix the situation, you can access your photos from the iCloud website.
  • Log in to the iCloud website through a browser.
  • After that, click on Photos and you will view them then you can download the ones of interest.


Apple provides a very effective feature in the Messages app, #images. With this, you can send and receive image files and GIFs from friends. However, as an Apple user, you may at times experience#images not working or #GIF no resultson your iPhone.

These two can be frustrating. However, this article has explained the reasons and causes of the same, and how one can fix the problems to ensure the app works efficiently and smoothly.

Moreover, you can always contact Apple for help and support. As much as some steps can make you lose some information on your device, they could be the best solutions. Importantly, you can always backup your data so that they are not lost completely.

3. Wrong File Extensions

In some cases, you may have the name of the file correctly spelled, but the file extension may be incorrect. If your image is a .jpg file, but your HTML is looking for a .png, there will be a problem. Use the correct file type for each image and then reference that same extension in your website’s code. 

Also, look for case sensitivity. If your file ends with .JPG, with the letters all in caps, but your code references .jpg, all lowercase, certain web servers see those two as being different, even though they are the same sets of letters. Case sensitivity counts.

It's best practice to always save files with all-lowercase letters. Doing so allows us to always use lowercase in our code, eliminating one possible problem we could have with our image files.

4 Common Causes of #images/GIFs Not Working

Knowing the root of a problem makes it easier to tackle. In the same way, if you know what may make the images not work on your iPhone, you can be able to find a solution. The following are some of the reasons why the feature might not work on your iPhone;

1- The images feature might not be offered in your country

One important thing to keep in mind is that Apple made this feature country-specific. There are countries and locations in which it is available and can be easily accessed while there are other territories from which you can’t access it.

Therefore, if #images are not working on your iPhone, then the location setting is not available on your device and this could lead to the problem. Currently, the images feature is available in the following countries;

  • The USA
  • Canada
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Italy
  • India
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland

Therefore, the photos might not be working because the region setting is not correct. This means that if the feature is not available in your territory, it may not work regardless of the steps you take to fix the problem.

However, if you are in a region supporting this feature but you still experience images / GIFs not working results on your iPhone, you can follow the tips below to try to fix it.

2- An outdated iOs

If your iPhone is running on an outdated version of iOs, you may have problems with some of your apps. Therefore, the #images feature on the Messages app may not work too.

3- Poor internet connection

At times, you may have connection issues with your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. In some cases, the connection may just be slow. These may make #images not work hence a cause of the problem.

4- Faulty System

You might experience #images or GIFs not working due to the whole system having a glitch. It might correct itself after a short while though.

A Few Final Notes

Consider the proper use of ALT tags and your website speed and overall performance.

ALT, or “alternate text,” tags are what is displayed by a browser if an image fails to load. They are also an important component in creating accessible websites that can be used by people with certain disabilities. Every inline image in your site should have an appropriate ALT tag. Images applied with CSS do not offer this attribute.

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