Inconsistent upload speeds


What is the recommended internet upload speed for work-from-home setups? The bandwidth requirement varies according to the tasks you do online. If you only need the internet for sending emails and creating documents, then an upload speed of 1 Mbps will be sufficient. READ ALSO :   Do You Have to Have a Smart TV to Use a Firestick? This upload speed should be increased to around 5-25 Mbps if your work requires you to deliver long periods of video conferences. How is ping related to internet speed? The internet is a network of information constantly moving to and from senders and receivers. This movement of information happens with a delay and this is what we refer to as latency. Networked computers have utilities called ping that measures latency. Internet speed test tools report network delay as ping. Basically, a higher ping would mean that your internet connection has a considerable delay. How much internet upload speed is needed for live streaming? Different streaming platforms have different bitrate recommendations. For instance, Twitch requires between 2.5 to 4 Mbps to stream a 720p video at 30 fps. On the other hand, Youtube Live has a lower required range of around 1.5 to 4 Mbps. As a safety net, streamers are encouraged to have around 40% allowance to account for fluctuations in the upload speed. This allowance ensures efficient delivery of their content. Do video conferencing applications require higher upload speeds? The upload speed requirement varies per platform. For instance, standard one-on-one video calls using Zoom need just 0.6 Mbps, but this requirement doubles to 1.2 Mbps for group calls. Moreover, Skype recommends 0.3 Mbps for one-on-one video calls and around 0.5 Mbps for group calls.

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4: Throttling Pulled The Trigger On You

ISPs have been known to throttle people who use certain protocols and networks (particularly those on BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer networks). If you think you’re a victim of throttling, run a speed test first. If the speed on your line is ridiculously higher than your download speed, you’re probably being throttled. Keep in mind that there’s a difference between megabits per second and megabytes per second (1 mbyte = 8 mbits).

But there’s still one more problem related to this…


Trust me. I’ve had a ton of frustrations over the years trying to figure out why my lines or the lines of my friends would drop in speed so suddenly. These usually were the reasons, and the solutions I proposed have been very helpful. If you have any other ideas, feel free to let ’em out in the comments section below!

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