[LPT Request] How to pop all (or most) of the popcorn kernels without burning it

Cooking Popcorn on the Stovetop:

Microwave popcorn bags contain kernels, oil, and seasoning, so cooking it over a stovetop can be done easily. Here are some step by step instructions for cooking microwave popcorn on the stovetop:

  1. Remove the plastic from of your microwave bag
  2. Grab a 2-quart pot with a lid. For best results the lid should be able to let steam out.
  3. Cut open the microwave popcorn bag and scoop out the popcorn, oil and seasoning into your pot.
  4. Add an extra tablespoon of desired oil to the pot.
  5. Turn on the stove to medium-high heat.
  6. Shake the pot every 10-15 seconds.
  7. Cook until the kernels are popped and there are several secoonds in between pops
  8. Remove from the stove and add to a bowl or other safe container
  9. Add seasonings, as preferred.
Here is a video example of how to pop microwave popcorn on the stove.

There are different ways to spice up your stovetop popcorn as well to make it more exciting or flavorful. This can be done with microwave popcorn bags or with normal stovetop popcorn.

For example, you can make your popcorn more interesting by adding lemon zest to it while it is cooking on the stove. Other recipes suggest using ranch seasoning in the melted butter. Of course, you can not forget about the classic caramel popcorn recipes that can be made on the stove.

This particular recipe calls for Nacho popcorn. This nacho popcorn can be made on the stovetop and is a good snack for watching sports games and events. This recipe is fairly simple and takes only 10 minutes to make. Ingredients for this recipe include parmesan cheese, dried parsley, garlic salt, chili pepper, and a few drops of hot sauce.

The popcorn should have oil, cheese, and garlic salt while it is popping on the stove and the other ingredients are mixed into the bowl afterward.


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  1. Marilyn Hughed

    My sister in law swears by the popcorn popper, Stir Crazy. It rotates as it cooks & you use oil in the pan. Have you ever evaluated one? I have enjoyed your popcorn blog & have tried about every method you have as I want the perfectly popped corn. I haven’t tried the salt though & am planning on ordering some soon. Thank You Marilyn H

  2. Eric Samuelson

    I haven’t seen that one before, I just looked it up. Sounds like it could work well. I personally like to pop without using oil, which is why I prefer air pop or microwave.

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How Long is Microwave Popcorn Good?

If you have a bag of microwave popcorn lying around, it may not be the safest idea to cook it, no matter what that your cooking method may be. Popcorn will hold its moisture for around 6-12 months, but the projected expiration date on most microwave popcorn bags is around 8 months.

When popcorn goes bad, it loses a lot of its flavor and the kernels in the bag will not properly pop. On occasion, although it is rare, popcorn kernels that have expired can grow mold and make you very sick. Popcorn bags should be thrown out if they are a year old or older.

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How to Store Popcorn?

It doesn’t matter what kind of popcorn is in your stock, the storage instructions will be more or less the same.

  1. Provide the foodstuff with proper temperature: room-warm or a bit cooler will be just fine! Also, it is not recommended to chill or freeze any kernels except for microwaveable ones. If the instruction says it must be cooled, refrigerate the packet.
  2. Both dry and popped kernels don’t like moisture and exposure to air that make them soggy. To keep the foodstuff crunchy, stock it in a kitchen cabinet.

Following these simple suggestions will help to enjoy this snack delicious and extend its initially long lifespan. 


Do Unpopped Kernels Go Bad?

It is possible for unpopped kernels to go bad. Even though loose kernels can last for years if they are stored properly, the vast majority of people do not store them correctly. Therefore, it is possible for unpopped kernels to expire at a much faster rate.

In general, unpopped kernels are going to expire quicker if they are exposed to moisture. If the kernels get moist, they are going to completely lose their ability to expand. As a result, these kernels will not pop when heated, regardless of the method used. Therefore, if you have unpopped kernels that you are trying to keep fresh, it is important to store them in a dry place where they are not going to be exposed to moisture.

It is also possible for these kernels to go stale as well. This is another reason why it is important to store kernels in an airtight container or in a jar. If you are keeping your unpopped kernels in a bag, it is important to squeeze the bag as tight as possible to remove all of the air from the back before you store them. This will prevent the kernels from getting stale.

How to Keep Popcorn Fresh


Naturally, when it comes to storage, people get worried about what actions to take to keep the product fresh longer.

Popcorn isn’t an exception. 

Does popcorn expire? That’s probably the most frequent question of all that has ever been asked! 

Of course, like any foodstuff, this snack is not eternally-lasting. Popcorn expiration hangs upon several issues such as

  • heat
  • steam/moisture
  • air exposure

When the kernels or popped snack is exposed to any of these factors, they make it lose the taste and what we get in the end is stale popcorn.

To avoid such aftermath, try to do the following:

  • To ensure that the unpopped kernels will be fine, place them in a tightly closed jar and remove the tank to the cool place.
  • How to keep popped popcorn fresh? The best option is to toss them into an airtight tank, plastic or glass – no matter, and put away from any source of heat or moisture.

Some say refrigerating might help but there’s a high risk of moisturizing the kernels so you’d better don’t risk.

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Can You Freeze Popcorn?


No surprise that popcorn lovers wonder how to preserve popcorn to enjoy it longer.

We will probably surprise you but freeze it!

And for dispelling the doubts, just check this out!

  • Can you freeze popped popcorn?

Definitely! Since it won’t freeze, the snack will remain edible much longer, only remember to toss it into the airtight frost-resistant packet.

  • Can you freeze popcorn kernels?

If one decides to freeze popcorn kernels, it’s absolutely fine! The exposure of frost will keep their natural moisture inside which will allow the kernels to remain easily popped anytime.

This is especially handy for preserving the snack for the upcoming party!

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⌚ Stove Popping Times

Your average stove top popping time is around 3 minutes.

I think when it comes to popping on the stove, it’s even harder to pin point the popping times. You have more variables. What type of stove top you have is going to make the difference here. A gas stove is going to heat up faster than other types.

It comes down to listening to the sound. Once the popcorn starts to slow down, you have to pull it.

The vessel you pop in makes a big difference. We have used a Whirly Pop in the past with mixed results. The problem with it, is that the pot is light, so it’s not great for heat conduction. The whole idea of it is that you have a crank to turn to help keep the popcorn moving so the popped stuff doesn’t burn. We still have managed to burn it though! I know people swear by it.

In the past I have seen Alton Brown use a heavy duty mixing bowl with a pair of tongs to move it around. Foil covers the top and is poked with holes for steam to escape.

The bowl shape is great because popped kernels will move to the top and the unpopped ones will be on the bottom til they pop. It’s a concept that works really well and takes about 3 minutes (again depending on all the factors we already discussed.

The nice thing about the bowl method is that you can eat the popcorn right out of it (once it has cooled) without having to dirty any more dishes. However, I have heard of people complaining that their bowls got discolored because of this, you have to be ok with your bowl not looking perfect.

Some Mistakes to Avoid

Source: besthealthmag.ca
Source: besthealthmag.ca

Despite choosing the best quality kernels from the premium brands, you may not find the taste you desire or end up getting unpopped ones at the bottom of your bowl because of some mistakes as follows:

  • Using too big salt granules
  • Depending on the timer of the microwave
  • Using the wrong oil
  • Using excess oil
  • Adding excess toppings
  • Not shaking the pan enough.

So, to get the most out of the process, you need to have the popcorn kernels with harder shells containing the optimal amount of oil and water and heat them at the perfect temperature without making any mistake. And nothing can be better than carefully produced organic kernels to meet your cravings for tasty and perfect popcorn!