pimp my desktop for xmas and a lot of gaben =^)

Decora tu Escritorio con las mejores fotos de Flickr

Pimp My Desktop es una completa herramienta de personalización del Escritorio cuya principal función es la de mostrar las mejores fotos diarias de Flickr en tu Escritorio de manera aleatoria.

Tú mismo puedes escoger la frecuencia con la que quieres que Pimp My Desktop cambie el fondo de Escriotrio y la categoría de las fotos. Pimp My Desktop conecta con Flickr y te permite buscar fotos por palabras clave.

Además de eso, Pimp My Desktop te ayuda a ordenar los iconos del Escritorio, a eliminar enlaces rotos y coloca dos botones adicionales en la Barra de Tareas con los que podrás apagar y hacer hiberanar tu equipo directamente, sin ir al menú Inicio.

Descarga Pimp My Desktop y deja tu Escritorio bonito, limpio y ordenado.


3. Bash customizations

Bash (Bourne-again shell) is the most popular shell program and comes preinstalled on many Unix-based operating systems. It may not be the most customizable shell available, but it does support prompt customizations using color codes and escape sequences.

In case you are using this shell and want to save some of the settings provided in this post, you can write them to your local .bashrc file so that they are executed before the interactive shell is launched.

3.1.Custom prompt

Bash uses a variable named PS1 to store the prompt code. This value is readen every time it needs to be written again, in order to maintain its output updated. Therefore, you can override the default prompt by setting a new string to PS1.

For bash, I usually like to have a clean prompt with some coloring, only showing the current relative directory. Here is my personal configuration:

But, if you prefer, you can create some more compl

But, if you prefer, you can create some more complex prompts as well:

Powerline like bash prompt

Powerline like bash prompt

In case you installed a patched font as described before, now you’ll be able to use any kind of symbols for building your prompt. These fonts include many powerline symbols that allow you to fully customize your terminal without having to install any external plugin.

You can search for custom glyphs here:

You can even make it look like you are using Zsh with Powerlevel10k installed, just by tweaking the PS1 variable!

In case you want to create your own personalized prompt below you’ll find all the color codes and some of the most used escape sequences to build it.

Color codes

Common prompt escape sequences

View the complete list

pletion Plugin

Bash completion is a functionality through which bash helps users type their commands faster and easier. It accomplishes that by presenting possible options when users press the tab key while typing a command.

Once you have it installed, you can enable it by adding the following lines to your ~/.bashrc file:

3.3.Enable Globstar **

shopt -s globstar

Globstar option enables the ** pattern, which works pretty similar to the single * but in a recursive way, so it can look in all directories and subdirectories for matches.

When the globstar shell option is enabled, and * is used in a pathname expansion context, two adjacent *s ** used as a single pattern will match all files and zero or more directories and subdirectories. If followed by a /, two adjacent *s will match only directories and subdirectories.

About Swagger-js

Exactly as they define it in their github repository: Swagger Client is a JavaScript module that allows you to fetch, resolve, and interact with Swagger/OpenAPI documents. Thanks to these tools the developer is able to define the API to be used in a clean manner, and ensure all the code uses the latest API version.

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