Ноты песни The Dream Within

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Ноты The Dream Within для фортепиано - исполнитель Lara Fabian

Текст песни «Lara Fabian — The Dream Within»

With this dream in your heart but no place to call your home

No doors have simply opened up to you for you to choose which one to step through

But now there’s pressing time and pressure from every side wearing at your peace of mind

Should this not have been an easy choice

Follow your dreams they told you but dont fall out of line

Out of step with the pace you were meant to run

And dont forget with everyday you wake they will watch your back

They’ll watch your every move its overwhelming the expectation to fit in

But you cant forget with everyday you waste it eats away

You had no intention of being a greedy man

With a young mind you’ll upset a world gone mad with a lust for success and the burden of perfection

If you can remember your hunger for truth take heart

Speak from your heart let your actions show who you are

Dont let this frigid life starve out the artist in you

Take heart. This dream within will carry you through

defend your passion remember your youth

take heart. There’s no one who will take it for you

wake now face the day finding your strength let the light permeate the grey

defend what you love remember your passionate days