Ноты песни Words I Say

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Ноты Words I Say для фортепиано - исполнитель Justin Timberlake

Текст песни «Justin Timberlake — Words I Say»

Sometimes I can't believe what I am seeing

But I always see love that you are giving to me

And I still don't know what led me to you

But I know this, this was meant to be

And girl in your smile I see my everything


But if the words I say

Make the tears roll down

And they find their way to make your heart go down

Your lips can say enough

The tongue controls my mouth

And all that is me is found

In the corners of your mouth

Sometimes I can't believe the things I say to you

But baby every word is true yes it is

And when you kiss me it's all over

You put me under I didn't know that love can hurt so good

And girl in your smile I see my everything