Sloping Shoulders Vs Square Shoulders

Fitting the Bodice Waist

The bodice waist might not always fit you right. It can be too tight or too large, or the waist level could end up too high or too low. These are simple issues to correct.

Waist Circumference

I recommend not correcting the bodice waistline all in one point, but rather dividing the amount between different points: the front and back darts, and the side seam. In the case of taking in, you have also the c-back. Just notice that you can no longer cut the bodice back piece on the fold after that.

Waist Level

If the bodice waist level is too high or low, you can slice the front and back pieces as shown here, and then either add extra length or overlap the pieces to shorten. Adjust the lines and darts after you’re done.


How to select the optimal dress shirt shoulder slope

If you’re noticing pull-lines from your armpits up to the back of your collar, or from the outside of your shoulders down to the center of your chest, you may need to adjust the shoulder slope.  To see if an adjustment is required, stand in front of a mirror with your arms at your sides.

It’s important that you test this as you plan to wear the shirt.  That means, evaluate with the collar buttoned IF you plan to wear the shirt with the collar buttoned and evaluate with the collar unbuttoned IF you plan to wear the shirt open collar.  Whether the collar is buttoned or unbuttoned may change your optimal shoulder slope setting.

Wear Shoulder Accents

Another way to draw attention to your shoulders is by wearing pieces that have unique accents that rest right at the shoulder. These accents can be anything from sequins to bows and anything in between.

The reason shoulder accents are flattering to women with narrow shoulders is because they add volume and dimension to your shoulder area. You do not have to wear anything that i too exaggerated, because even a small accent can add balance to your body.

Wear Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves are one of the best design to give narrow shoulders the boost they need. They are also quite on trend, which is a great option for women who wish to broaden their shoulders. You can opt for blouse or even coats with a puff sleeve design and they will always flatter your shape.

Fitting Bodice Chest and Back

Here are two issues on the opposite sides of the bodice, front or back. Generally the back needs more width than the chest area of the bodice, especially with sleeves, because you need to be able to move your arms.

To add or reduce the width in these areas means that you end up adding or removing some also from the side seam to maintain the armscye length as it was. Of course if there are no sleeves, and you are happy with the underarm length as it is, you could also leave the side seams be.


If you instead grab a pair of dumbbells and more effectively isolate the shoulders, you can actually build strong shoulders.

Now, I said ‘more effectively isolate the shoulders.’

That doesn’t mean grabbing the heavy weights and doing dumbbell side lateral raises in which you start bringing your traps, arms, back and momentum into it.

These muscle groups want so badly to kick in to assist with the lift, especially during the first few degrees of the movement.

To avoid this, what we want to do is do a zero momentum exercise with much lighter weight so that the deltoids do virtually all of the work.

I’ll show you how to do this with a dumbbbell side lateral raise.

And I’m going to use 15s.

Yes, that’s 15 lbs!

Now, how do we do it?

First, I want to show you what NOT to do.

As I go to raise these dumbbells up, the first move is NOT this. I’m not hinging forward.

Caution: In case your shirts shoulder width also needs adjustment

One scenario that can confuse this test is when the shoulder width of the shirt is significantly wider or narrower than the shoulders.  If the yoke of the shirt goes way over the edge of your shoulders, or does not reach the end of your shoulders, it can cause pull lines to appear that are similar to the ones shown.  Be sure the shoulder width of the shirt is close to perfect before trying to optimize the shoulder slope.

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