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Alternatives to Gmail

If you still want an alternative to Gmail, then Microsoft’s does the job, and it will even import all your email from Gmail. This is worth doing if you only use it as a backup. However, Microsoft is just like Google in using a single ID for multiple services, and its privacy policy says: “information collected through one Microsoft service may be combined with information obtained through other Microsoft services”. Same problems. (Microsoft has a “data dashboard” for privacy settings.)

Since both Google and Microsoft are based in the US, then as a non-US citizen, your data is vulnerable to American snooping, and I wouldn’t expect Microsoft to put up more of a fight than Google. Just the reverse, in fact. However, it’s a moot point. Following the Snowden revelations, no data held online by any American company can now be considered private, and this could include any site running in the .com domain. Given the apparent complicity of the British secret services, I’d assume it also applies to data held online by any UK service providers as well.

You could, of course, encrypt all your emails, or use a secure mail service provider. One of the simplest ways to encrypt emails is to use the PGP-based Mailvelope, which uses a Firefox plug-in or Chrome browser extension. It comes preconfigured for popular web-mail services including Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. However, it uses public key cryptography, so you can’t send someone an encrypted email unless you know their public key. That limits it rather a lot.

Finding a secure service may be even harder. Last week, Lavabit’s owner shut down his email service, saying: “I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit. After significant soul searching, I have decided to suspend operations.” Silent Circle promptly followed suit, saying: “We see the writing the wall, and we have decided that it is best for us to shut down Silent Mail now.”

iCloud support + Smartr Contacts for iPhone (v1.6)

We’re thrilled to invite you to install the

We’re thrilled to invite you to install the latest version of Smartr Contacts for iPhone (Version 1.6) which now supports iCloud.  This means that now you can bring any person you’ve communicated with through a or email account into Smartr Contacts for iPhone, as well as any other Xobni and/or Smartr client you use.  Many of you have been asking for this feature, and now you’ve got it.  

Just go to the iTunes App Store from your phone and select “Updates” to get the latest version of Smartr Contacts.  To ensure you also include the  contacts from your iPhone:

  • Tap the gear icon from the Smartr Contacts home screen
  • Confirm that “Upload Contacts” is set to “on”.  
  • Then tap “Push to Smartr Cloud”.

If you don’t use Smartr Contacts for iPhone, but want to add the contacts from your or email accounts into the Smartr Cloud to use with your other Xobni or Smartr apps, just go to the Smartr Cloud page to add your iCloud credentials.  

There are some great new features and performance updates in Smartr Contacts for iPhone (v1.6) that you won’t want to miss:

  • iCloud mail support – Bring all your and email into Smartr Contacts
  • Facebook message support – Now you can view and open any Facebook message from Smartr Contacts 
  • Performance, speed and stability enhancements
  • View and reply to emails from Smartr Contacts
  • View and open any calendar appointment, and access the complete profile for each attendee
  • New email address edit options: Edit, archive, remove or copy or mark any email address preferred.
  • New phone number edit options: Edit, archive, remove or copy
  • Long hold any phone number or email address to copy or view more info on it
  • Delete any email or social account in the settings screen from the home page
  • Search by initials
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Improved phone number ranking
  • Inclusion of location data in profiles
  • Unlimited message availability in the History tab
  • Jump to top support through clicking status bar
  • Slide box social updates include more recent and more diverse contacts 
  • Additional security improvements
  • Performance, speed and stability enhancements
  • Many bug fixes & improvements

Thanks again for all the great feedback and keep it coming.  We’re cranking through it.  

If you’re using Smartr Contacts and like the app, please submit a positive review in the App Store. We’d love your support!


Smartr Contacts for iPhone Update – Now Available

by Michael Albers

Today is proud day for all of us at Xobni as we are being featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the App Store!  As if that were not great enough, we also have a new update for you.  It’s packed with many of your requests – so keep that feedback coming! 

As you know, apps live and die by their reviews – We’d love your support, so if you like the app, please submit a positive review in the App Store.

Here is what we’ve got for you in this latest release:

  • New Login Screen & Tour – Updated login screen and product overview – no white iPhone.
  • Email Viewing – Now you can view emails (when available) in the history tab, so you can easily reply and compose! 
  • Settings Fix – Ensure settings show the right connected accounts 
  • iPhone Contacts Update – Improved inclusion of your iPhone contact list and fixes for handling foreign characters 
  • Loading Improvements – Better handling of network/connection issues during contact loading 
  • Crash fixes – You found ‘em. We fixed ’em. 
  • Link to FAQ – Support url now points directly to our updated FAQs 
  • General bugs and fixes – Fixes and improvements throughout the app

To get the latest version, visit the App Store from your phone and select “Updates”.

As always, if you are having any problems, please contact our support team at