The 2 Meter Coffee Can Antenna


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Step 2: First, Some Math

My 11.5oz coffee can is: Laura Lynn Hazelnut creme (naturally & artificially flavored) hell yea hazelnut bro Inside Length 5 5/16 in.Outside Length 5 7/16 in. (not used) Inside Diameter 3 15/16 in.Outside Diameter 4 in. (not used)And we know:1 inch = 25.4 mm and1/16 in = 0.0625 (decimal)So, to use the calculator I found here: I needed to do some simple English -> Metric conversion. Inside Length 5.3125 in x 25.4 = 134.9375 mm ~ 135.00 mm Inside Diameter 3.9375 in x 25.4 = 100.0125 mm ~ 100.00 mmThe calculator gave me these figures for my project.Target distance from bottom = 46 mm ~1.811 in ~1 13/16 inTarget depth of insertion = 31 mm ~1.220 in ~1 1/4 inTarget length of can = 138 mm my can is 135 mm. Difference negligibleHey, I know it was for a real antenna with a Type N connector, but that just simply wasn’t available to me. The principle is still the same nonetheless.My Belkin Wireless 802.11b USB adapter/dongle: 3/8 x 1 5/8 in

Step 6: Final Product

The completed cantenna. I originally attached the hanger on the bottom hoping to make a temporary stand/tripod thingy but opted to just hang it from the curtain rod. That’s why the adapter is on top instead of the bottom. The whole unit is upside down, but does not affect it in any way. It will still take some fine tuning, but I’ve achieved 10-15 db gain increase at least. It took my connection from Poor to Good and nearly quadrupled my download speed.Comments please and let’s all be supportive.”now sit back and enjoy your Hazelnut Coffee while you get incredible speeds”