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6. They overlook the power of video

“Zillow will give your home a preferred rank if you upload a video to your listing,” says Benjamin Ross, a Texas-based Realtor with My Active Agent. “In an age where Californians are buying Texas homes over the Internet, you must take advantage of the video medium if you want to compete.”

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We unfortunately know that COVID-19 has revealed horrendous vulnerabilities in the province’s assisted living and long-term care facilities, so that’s likely going to be a hard pass as well.

So what to do?

Firstly, for a while host of reasons it’s time to change the messaging around “affordable housing” initiatives in this city. We need to incentivize development of projects that meet pressing needs such as this, and advocate for them to the NIMBYs who complain about the city’s lack of housing supply yet simultaneously rail against such projects during the community consultation process.

We need to incentivize developers to build purpose-built rental apartments again, the bigger the better.

We need to lobby the government to help retirees find ways to access the equity in their homes.


While you may have never considered the possibility of establishing yourself in a niche most real estate agents write off as a beginner’s game, we hope we’ve given you some nourishing food for thought. While this niche is hardly the easiest to get set up in, we think that you’ll agree with us when we say that it has a lot of potential.

So what are you waiting for? Put yourself out there, take some small steps towards catering to downsizers and make sure that those trying to find a real estate agent specializing in smaller homes find you before they find someone else. Before you know it, you’re likely to be raking in the big bucks in a niche that you never previously even considered specializing in!

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Have you ever attended a sale where the staff sits behind a table and points to direct you to items? We will never do that! We cheerfully greet each customer and mingle providing hands on help with their purchases. We will even provide assistance with bringing their purchases to their vehicle.

New Service: Local deliver service via our own delivery trucks. If your customers can’t get the items home they won’t buy them! We firmly believe customer service is extremely important.

Our sales run 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (not just 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m like other companies). On a three day sale that can mean 9 extra sale hours to sell your items! More $ale hours = More $ale$!

If your estate is too small to warrant a sale we have other options and ideas for you.

Why Downsize Your Home?

There are many motivations for downsizing including:

  • Accessing equity & freeing up finances
  • Spending less time on home maintenance
  • Spending less money on home maintenance and bills
  • Decreasing square footage
  • Looking for a different home style – for instance, stair-free
  • You’ve grown out of your current neighbourhood
  • Looking for lifestyle amenities
  • Looking for a new location
When it is time to make a real estate change to match your new lifestyle, there are many factors to consider including strategy and outcomes for selling your existing home, finances, location and desired amenities. Let’s chat to discuss your real estate and lifestyle goals so we can create a plan that is unique to you.Browse Kelowna Real EstateInternational