This is why you should NEVER use shower gel or conditioner to shave your legs

Bottom line: Doing a bit of prep and being as hygienic as possible can make shaving your legs go more smoothly

Oh, and if you notice that your legs feel prickly a day or two after shaving, know that it’s normal. Generally, that’s just your hair growing back. Because shaving causes hairs to have a blunt end, the tip might feel coarser or more stubbled as it first sprouts back out, according to the Mayo Clinic. It’s not actually growing back coarser or thicker (phew!).



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Use A Fresh Razor

Do you know that razor that has been in your bathroom for ages? It’s time that it got replaced with a new one.

The AAD recommends using a disposable razor or one with a disposable blade, and to make sure that you replace the razor or blades often.

According to the AAD, when shaving your legs a razor will have a life-span of five to seven shaves. New blades help to minimize irritation caused by dull blades.

I keep a pack of razors in stock so that I always have a new one on hand whenever I need a replacement.


  1. Shaving Before Bath Is Bad: Many beauty experts claim that you shouldn’t shave just before when you hop up for a morning shower. In fact, it is crucial that you should shave 15 minutes after taking a bath. This will help your skin to be a little moist which will open skin-hair pores. The whole will make your skin soft, moist, and wrinkle-free.
  2. Shaving Early In The Morning: Shaving your legs early in the morning as a beauty routine is not appropriate. For best shaving results and smoother legs, shave them at night before going to sleep as your body and skin regain-repair the health of damaged tissues, cells, while you rest. So in your sleep, your legs will gain back the follicles.
  3. Do Not Use Lather Products: Using soaps, gels and more cosmetics is just an ideal thing to use after shaving. You can use EOS Shaving creams and products to get enough of moisturizing quality. This will also help Razor Blades to slide over the skin easily with no damage and skin irritation.
  4. In fact, a bit of hair conditioner is also an important choice to keep skin hydrated and razor to glide gently. But using bar soap can lead to less lubrication and cuts or shaving injuries.
  5. Single Blade Disposable Razors: You can use single-blade razors when on travel but for a daily shaving regime always opt for Reusable Razors with 3-5 blades for Longer-Lasting Shave, smoother legs, and less skin irritability.

Step #2: Choose the Right Shaving Cream

Now that your legs are exfoliated and smooth, it’s time to actually get to shaving. But first, it’s important to choose the right shaving cream to put on your legs so that the razor can glide easily. Anything too thick (conditioner, lotion, etc.) will get stuck in your razor and may cause irritation down the line if the blades aren’t cleaned. Anything too thin (like just…shower water) will not lubricate your razor enough and can lead to cuts and bumps.

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I don’t believe that it is strictly necessary to use a cream that’s specifically formulated for shaving, although it never hurts. A body cleanser may work just fine, as long as it’s the right viscosity: not too thick, not too thin. If you’re having a hard time finding your perfect shaving cream, take a peek over in the men’s sections – that’s where they hide the good (and cheap!) shit. After lathering on your shaving cream of choice on wet legs, you can break out the razor and get to removing that hair.

Step #4: Slather Lotion on Your Newly Shaved Legs

This next step depends on how your skin tends to react to shaving generally. If your skin tends to dry out post-shower, slather on some powerful lotion. If irritation and ingrown hairs are your mortal enemy, then there are some products that will help eliminate them for you overtime, so that you can enjoy smooth, perfectly hairless legs.

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For someone like me, who suffers from both dry legs and ingrown hairs (do I win a prize?!), my post-shave routine involves an anti-ingrown hair product, a body serum, a body lotionand maybe a body oil if I don’t need to immediately put on pants. You might say that I’m a maximalist and you may be right, but you wouldn’t criticize if you could also see my legs.