Top 10 Awesome MacGyver Tricks That Speak For Themselves

Step 1: Tool Up

the first and formost thing to becoming a MiniMac is to get the right tools. most things are light and cheap.1. a plier multitool= either a gerber, leatherman or SOG multitool, the others are to cheap and break with a simple task. (i use a leatherman juice s2… the only one without a worthless quark screw.)2. A good (pocket) knife= now i dont mean a $500 knife but a good one. buck, gerber, SOG, or Kershaw, or the traditional swiss army knife. Now a good base is to check the metel content and how solid the knife is. I have had good luck with bucks like the Pilot wich is like 13 bucks from cabelas. I say away from the swiss army beacuse they lose a edge fast, also the pocket clip on other knifes are nice.3. random strps of metel= this is pretty much a option but i keep small allen wrenches and some strips of metel for …..lockpicking….. (dont think less of me i use it only for good) and i have some wound thin wire.


2. Get out of a freezer – MacGyver style

Episode: Classic Series – Season 1, Episode 7


In this ‘chilling’, sorry we couldn’t resist, episode of MacGyver, our hero finds himself locked in walk-in freezer – as you do. Rather than panic (come on its MacGyver) he comes up with an ingenious solution to make good his escape.

As usual, he has all the materials he needs just lying around. In this case a plethora of ice, a heat source, and some metal bars.

His solution is something you might not ever consider in your most lucid of moments.


By using the metal as a channel, MacGyver melts some of the ice using the lightbulb. This meltwater is then channeled into the freezer’s lock.

All he then has to do is wait for the water to re-freeze and open the door with ease. Simply ingenious but we wouldn’t recommend trying it for yourself.

Step 4: Applying

now for a trick to thinking like mac. if you find a problem think whats wrong. work your way from the broken thing to the output/input and you will find the problem. another thing is to think what the problem is and how you can fix it with anything, then think what you have to replace that anything. then fix problem.

Full text of The unofficial MacGyver how-to handbook

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Season 7

The Coltons (7×5)

  • MacGyver and Frank Colton are tied up in a warehouse with a bomb, and MacGyver sees a bottle of sulfuric acid on a table near a window across from them which could dissolve the ropes and allow them to escape. A dog comes in and MacGyver and Frank are able to entice the dog to walk over, kick the sulfuric acid bottle down, and carry it over. MacGyver uses his feet to grab a wooden plank and puts it over a cylinder to make a lever. The dog then drops the bottle of sulfuric acid on the end of the plank, and MacGyver pushes down on the other side, causing the bottle to fly and land just behind so he can catch it, and uses it to dissolve the ropes so he, Frank, and the dog can make it out in time before the bomb goes off.

Good Knight, MacGyver (Parts 1 and 2) (7×7,8)

  • MacGyver defeats Sir Duncan in a joust on horseback with rope. He used the rope to make a lasso, dodged the lance of Sir Duncan by sliding off the side of the horse while holding on (which likely would’ve been rather difficult), and then threw the lasso around Sir Duncan and pulled him off of his horse
  • To demonstrate his “magic”, MacGyver watches as Merlin makes a rope dangle and dance like a snake, which is done with a thin, light string attached to the end of the rope, MacGyver uses his pocket knife to cut the string, causing the rope to fall, appearing to be done with magic. Then, since Merlin claimed this as dark magic, MacGyver takes a strike-anywhere match and lights it by striking it with his thumbnail to make it appear as though he created fire.
  • MacGyver makes a remedy for King Arthur after he was poisoned. He used several eggs and other stuff.
  • MacGyver uses electrophoresis to determine the chemicals in the poison, which involves a chemical only found in Scotland where Morgana is.
  • MacGyver mixes some stuff together to make a fire extinguisher.
  • balance
  • MacGyver uses the brass gift from King Arthur and the scroll inside to make a whistle by cutting a slot and trying different frequencies until the dog leaves.
  • To see the message left by Ian M’Iver, MacGyver tosses gunpowder collected from Morgana’s laboratory onto the liquid on the wall and uses a match to light it. Since it is backwards, he uses Cecilia’s silver brooch and ammonia that Merlin had to clean it and read the message.
  • MacGyver constructs a kite to conduct electricity in order to blow up Morgana’s laboratory.

The Stringer (7xfinale)

  • Uses seatbelts to make a harness to hold jetpacks made from high-pressure water sprayers, assisted by his son.


6. MacGyver actually built his own hot air balloon!

Episode: Classic Series – Season 3, Episode 6

In this thrilling episode, “GX-1”, an experimental fighter jet gets shot down over East Germany. MacGyver is enlisted to locate the wreckage and destroy it before the Soviets can get their hands on it.

For some reason, “The Reds” are backed by psychic to help them locate the downed plane first, as you do.

Whilst on his mission, MacGyver finds himself trapped in the Alps in need of means of escape from the approaching Soviets. His solution is to build his own hot air balloon from scratch in record time.

Utilizing some homemade glue, scraps of nylon, an entire metal shed, and some gas canisters, he escapes their clutches by taking to the air. Pretty impressive.


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MacGyver is an American action-adventure television series created by Lee David Zlotoff and starring Richard Dean Anderson as the title character. Henry Winkler and John Rich were the executive producers. The show ran for seven seasons on ABC in the United States and various other networks abroad from 1985 to 1992. The series was filmed in Los Angeles during seasons one, two and seven, …

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