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The best kitchen trash can

Generic garbage bags fit well in this smart-looking step can, which has a tight-fitting lid and keeps odors to a minimum.


DIY Smokehouse Built from Pallets

A busted fridge or metal drum isn’t the type of ‘look’ you want your DIY smoker to have. Which is perfectly understandable! Then how about constructing a rustic-looking BBQ smoker out of wood pallets? (Not to be confused with wood pellets!)While you shouldn’t use wood pallets to directly smoke your food. As it is treated with chemicals and will emit toxic fumes — it’s perfectly safe to make a smoker out of this re, this has been one of the trickier DIY projects that we’ve tried out! Especially when compared to the fridge cold smoker or the ugly drum smoker.But it’s so gratifying to turn an ordinary pile of wood pallets into something so much more!

Materials You Will Need

  • Aluminum flashing
  • Aluminum screen
  • Corrugated metal roofing (4 by 3 inches)
  • Deconstructed wooden pallets (30 pieces)
  • Door handle
  • Heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • Hinges (3 pieces)
  • Outdoor screws (1¼ and 2½ inches)

Tools Needed

  • Drill bits (⅛ bit and countersink)
  • Drill gun
  • Measuring tape
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Stanley knife
  • Staple Gun
  • Table saw
  • Tin snips

Basic Skills Needed

You will need to know how to use a drill, reciprocating saw, staple gun, and table saw.

Guide to Building It

You’ll first need to cut the pallets into the desired sizes. Next, set up the foundation for your frame. During this process, you’ll want to keep in mind that there should be a door and an angled roof. Once you’ve installed all of the panels, then you’ll move on to inserting all of the racks inside. Before the BBQ smoker’s complete, you’ll need to line the smoke chamber with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Then cut out vent holes on the side. The finishing touch will include attaching a tin roof on top. If you’re looking to smoke large amounts of meat, this is the DIY smoker for you.Visit this link for the complete step-by-step guide.

Step 5: Add Your Chips

Throw your chips in any pan that can withstand high temperatures and turn the hot plate to its highest setting.

The best trash can under $30

This plastic trash can held bags more securely than most of the other less expensive bins we tested, and it seals in garbage smells surprisingly well.

DIY Filing Cabinet Smoker

Every business office clears out their old items from time to time. And amongst the items that get thrown out, you are guaranteed to find an unwanted filing cabinet. If you find yourself with an old filing cabinet, take the opportunity to try your hand at making this simple DIY filing cabinet smoker.The pre-installed drawers mean that you won’t have to worry about making any shelves for your smoker. Your only challenge will be searching for the perfect-sized grill grate to place inside.

Materials You Will Need

  • Grill thermometer
  • Metal filing cabinet (one that has multiple drawers)
  • Metal hinges
  • Propane burner
  • Rectangular grill grates
  • Water pan
  • Tools Needed
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Sand paper or scouring pads

Guide to Building It

We think that this might simply be one of the easiest DIY smokers to put together. All you’ll need to do is sand off any existing paint, as it’ll be toxic to inhale once you introduce it to heat, and then drill in a few holes for ventilation.With that said, we understand that you’ll probably like to check out the detailed instructions behind building this smoker. Please click this link to read the in-depth guide.

Step 3: Drilling

I could not find a grill grate that fit so I drilled three holes 10 inches from the top of the can and put bolts through to hold the grill grate.

Use the Right Commercial Trash Cans

Disposal receptacles can say a lot about your business. The availability of recycle bins might promote a green corporate culture. Fewer trash cans can help cut down on litter. The addition of covered ashtrays may reduce the number of cigarette butts cluttering up a store front. The type, number and style of commercial trash cans can help promote the brand associated with your company, and improve the perceived reliability of your services/products.

Offer Receptacles for All Types of Trash

Cutting down on litter creates a more welcoming atmosphere, and that starts with offering the right combination of trash receptacles. Outdoor trash cans help catch items people do not want to carry inside, like an empty drink or food container. Of course, it is always a good idea to offer two different options, one for trash and one for recyclables. Smokers receptacles offer an approved depository for butts that would otherwise cover the ground. For non and recovering smokers, nothing is more off putting than discarded butts. Inside the building, discretion is the better part of valor. Small, unobtrusive and decorative cans can be used to help create a pleasant visual. Make sure they are emptied frequently to avoid any overflows, and visitors will respond more positively to the cleaner atmosphere.

Prepare for the ‘Pay as you Throw’ Model

Technology now allows trash companies to track the amount of garbage produced by your company. RFID tags embedded in your trash cans can actually measure trash disposal by weight. That could spell some changes to the way disposal companies handle removal charges. Ramp up the recycling to help prepare for potential changes. Google has paved the way with a new program in their London office that removes individual trash cans. No more waste baskets at individual desks. Instead, employees all go to a central disposal location for trash. As a result, they have seen a 50 percent increase in recycling.

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