Using Chrome's Task Manager to Kill Problematic Tabs

sTab – Kill Chrome Tab Process

###”sTab – Kill Chrome Tab” is a Chrome Extension for killing and reviving a tab’s process.

A blog post explaining the process and reasons behind this extension is here.

###Contributing This is an open source extension, so feel free to fork it, develop it into something of your own, or just submit pull requests my way.

###Installing Since the API used by this extension is not yet in the stable Chrome channels, experimental features are required for it to work. Experimental extensions cannot be uploaded to the Web Store, so in order to install it you need to download the CRX file here and drag it from your file system explorer into the chrome://extensions tab, or you can just download or clone this repo, check “Developer Mode” in the chrome://extensions tab and select the downloaded folder when you click “Load Unpacked Extension”.

###Usage Click the icon to completely kill the process running that tab and reload it. This will free all RAM and CPU resources consumed by that tab.

###License See License


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