What Is Pokemon Hunting

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How to shiny chain in Pokemon Sword and Shield

(Image credit: Nintendo/Prosafia Gaming via YouTube)

So while encountering 500 of the same Pokemon will increase the odds of you finding a shiny, that isn’t the same as shiny chaining. If you encounter and then defeat or catch up to 25 of the same Pokemon species in a row, the odds of finding a shiny are increased even further. If you stumble into one that isn’t the same species, make sure you run away and don’t catch it or let it faint, because your chain will be reset.

Once you hit a chain of 25, that’s the maximum you can shiny chain in Sword and Shield. Combine all three methods (Shiny Charm, 500+ battles, and a 25+ shiny chain) and your odds of encountering a shiny will increase drastically, from the base 1/4096 to 1/455.

What is the rarest Pokemon?

With only seven copies believed to be in existence, No. 1 Trainer may well be the rarest Pokémon card ever made. Shiny Charizard has always been in demand, but its shadowless variant is also extremely rare.

What are the odds of finding a Shiny Pokemon?

Odds have drastically increased over the years to favor finding more Shiny Pokemon in the wild. How the game decides if your encounter will be shiny is right before the encounter starts the game rolls your chance at the encounter being a shiny. The base rate for Pokmeon Sword & Shield is 1 in 4096 (0.024%).

How to acquire the PokéRadar in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The first step in maximizing your shiny chances is to obtain the PokéRadar. This handy little device becomes available after you become Sinnoh League Champion AND at least encounter each of the 150 Sinnoh Pokémon. Once that’s done, head on over to Professor Rowan’s lab where he bestows you with the PokéRadar! This handy little device gives you the ability to locate specific Pokémon in grassy areas.

With the PokéRadar in hand, head on over to Ramanas Park and find Professor Oak. He’ll hook you up with an app for your Pokétch called the Chain Counter. This will help with the Pokémon chaining you’ll have to do to get the best chances of encountering a Shiny.

Masuda Method

The Masuda Method is a fan-made term which describes a way to obtain Shiny Pokémon more easily through breeding. The method involves breeding two Pokémon created in games of different languages. An Egg resulting from such a pairing has an increased chance of 1 in 683 (or 1 in 512 with the Shiny Charm) of containing a Shiny Pokémon.

The most common way to do this is to use one Pokémon from your own game and one from a game of a different language. If you don’t have any friends in foreign countries, it’s often easy to find a foreign Pokémon via the GTS or Wonder Trade.

Finding Pokémon – The Basics

So, you’ve signed up and you’re ready to start catching Pokémon. By now, you should be aware that the game uses real-world maps, so finding the little beasts is a matter of actually walking around your local area.

Pokémon will crop up as you walk around and the ones closest to you will be represented by small rustling grass symbols. Walk towards these symbols and, providing the seemingly constant server issues don’t prevent it, the creature should appear on the map. Once it’s visible, simply tap it to start the capture screen (more on this in the next section).

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The type of Pokémon that appear depend on the envi

The type of Pokémon that appear depend on the environment you’re in. Parks are more likely to yield grass-type beasts, while going to the beach, or anywhere near water, should ensure you get a good helping of water types.

If you want to start finding the rarer ones, you’ll have to up your player’s level. We’ll go into that more in a later section.

There are certain things you can do to draw Pokémon to you as well. If you find yourself in possession of Incense (see our Pokémon Go beginner’s guide for more information), you can use it to attract creatures to your location for 30 minutes.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a Lure Module in your backpack, you can drop it at a Pokéstop to bring Pokémon to that location. Again, see the beginner’s guide for an explanation of these terms.

Of course, looking for Pokèmon can be somewhat taxing on your phone’s battery. If you’re looking to keep your phone going long enough to ensure a decent hunting session, check out some of our favourite battery packs:

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Soft Resetting

Soft resetting is one of the only ways to encounter a shiny legendary Pokémon. This can be done for a few other non-legendaries, though. What’s great about this method is it isn’t restricted to just one generation and can be done in every generation other than generation one. Shiny legendary Pokémon are the hardest Pokémon to hunt using this method, only because they are incredibly difficult to capture if you aren’t prepared, it will lead to a failure in the worst-case scenario. This however is avoidable if you bring a level 100 Pokémon that can learn the move “False Swipe”, and a Pokémon with both the moves “Thunder Wave” and “Hypnosis”. In each game, different requirements must be met in order to encounter each Legendary Pokémon. Assuming you’ve met said requirements and have a target, all you’ll need to do is save in front of the Pokémon/Object used to encounter it, encounter the Pokémon, and if it’s not shiny, then press start, left trigger, and right trigger all at the same time for the 3DS line, and for the normal DS line, press start, select, left trigger, and right trigger all at the same time. Again, assuming you find your shiny, you’ll want to get it down to low health using your “False Swiper.” The reason for the False Swiper, if you didn’t already know, is to safely get the target down to one Hit Point without knocking it out. A Pokémon cannot be knocked out with the move False Swipe. Once you finish with that, use your Pokémon with Hypnosis or Thunder Wave to paralyze it/put it to sleep. The reason for these two moves is because electric-type Pokémon cannot be affected by Thunder Wave, so Hypnosis can be used as a substitute and vice versa. However, Pokémon can wake up from Hypnosis and will need to be put back to sleep. Doing so will increase the capture rate of your target and will make it easier to capture. All that’s left to do is to throw any kind of Pokéball, preferably the Ultra Ball, which has the highest capture rate without needing any requirements to be met, only second to the Master Ball, which you can obtain once throughout the storyline and will capture without fail. This should only be used when you know or suspect that your target is low on PP, or Power Points. When it’s PP runs out, it will begin to struggle, causing it to deal substantial damage to itself. This is one the biggest reason people fail a shiny legendary. The second one pertains to a specific legendary Pokémon named Giratina. Since it is a ghost type, it cannot be hit with normal type moves unless it has had either the move “Odor Sleuth” or “Foresight” used on it. This is the second most failed shiny legendary Pokémon due to people not bringing Pokémon with either Odor Sleuth or Foresight, allowing them to hit Giratina with False Swipe. Instead, they often underestimate a move’s power, expecting the move to do minimal damage, but instead, it knock’s Giratina out. This is why you always prepare. Soft Resetting is affected by the Shiny Charm.

Here is a list of all shiny-locked Pokémon.

Horde Hunting

Horde hunting is one of the easiest possible methods. Horde hunting is a type of encounter where you encounter five Pokémon at the same time. The only drawback is that it is exclusive to generation six. If you do however own a generation six game, like X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire, then you’re set. Preparation is very necessary in order to encounter your target and either stay alive while trying to capture it, or not knock the shiny out in the process. Preparation includes obtaining a Pokémon that is at least twenty levels above your target. This shouldn’t be hard, as you may have already beaten the game by now. The next thing you’ll need is a Pokémon with the move Sweet Scent. This will guarantee a horde to appear when the move is used in grass. This, however, will not work in the rain in X or Y.

Honey, an item that has the same effect as Sweet

Honey, an item that has the same effect as Sweet Scent.

(This was changed in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.) Patience is required, since shiny hunting is based completely on luck, and you may not even get the shiny when you’re supposed to, but that’s not very likely unless it has a 5% appearance rate. Now, say you do find your shiny. Capturing the shiny requires you to pay attention to which Pokémon in the horde you’re attacking. This means you’re going to take hits from at least 4 Pokémon at first, and you’ll take some damage. As you faint the other Pokémon around the shiny, the attacks will be less devastating and you won’t need to worry about your HP. Now that you’ve fainted every other Pokémon on the field other than the shiny, you’ll need to capture it. This should be relatively easy, as every Pokémon that can appear in a horde is relatively low leveled and has a high catch rate. Just throw Pokéballs and hope it catches. Horde Hunting is affected by the Shiny Charm.

Will a Shiny Pokemon appear in the Overworld as being Shiny?

No. Unfortunately unlike Pokemon: Let’s Go you will not see that a Pokemon is shiny before encountering it. This makes it a little harder to see and will result in more time being spent trying to find these Shiny Pokemon, however, it adds to the surprise when the Shiny Pokemon appears in your game during the encounter.

Pokemon Sword and Shield shiny chance

(Image credit: Nintendo/Prosafia Gaming via Youtube)

You already know the base chance of finding a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is 1 in 4096, but what about when you’ve battled lots more of that species? The table below outlines how many Pokemon you need to battle of one species to increase the chance of encountering a shiny.

Data courtesy of .

Battle CountChance of Shiny (%)Without Shiny CharmWith Shiny Charm501.5%1/20481/10241002%1/1365.3331/819.22002.5%1/10241/682.66673003%1/819.21/585.14295003%1/682.66671/512

You’re probably wondering what on earth a Shiny Charm is after seeing the odds slashed so drastically in the above table, so let us explain.

How do I get the Shiny Charm?

To get the Shiny Charm, you will need to complete your Pokédex beyond catching one of everything. You’ll need to hit research level 10 on each Pokédex entry, which you can do by catching multiple of each Pokémon, battling them, seeing them use different moves, and even feeding them.

To do this quickly, we recommend catching one of everything and then using that Pokémon in battles until the Pokédex entry is marked as complete.

Once you do this, you can talk to Professor Laventon in Galaxy Hall for your Shiny Charm.

Two types of Shiny Pokemon

Square Ultra Shiny Star Shiny



Our Japan team managed to snag the adorable Star Shiny Rookidee above.

In previous games in the series, only the ‘Star‘ pattern of Shiny Pokemon existed, but with the advent of Pokemon Sword and Shield, a new variation of Shiny Pokemon has appeared with the ‘Square‘ pattern. These new Square Shinies are often referred to as Ultra Shinies.

Initially, it was thought that Square Shiny Pokemon are more rare, but current research shows that while Star Shinies are easier to obtain by breeding, Square Ultra Shinies are easier to obtain in the wild.

Is Pikachu in real life?

Share this: A rare golden possum found in Australia has been named “Pikachu”, after the famous Pokemon character. A kind stranger in Melbourne, Australia took pity on a brushtail possum that had been abandoned on the side of the road.