Why Are So Many People Cutting Their Own Hair During The Lockdown?


The equipment you need is simple: an elastic hair tie, a pair of scissors, and a spare half hour.‘Kitchen scissors will do as well as hairdressing scissors,’ says Lee Stafford. ‘With practice, you can do this cut in five minutes but when you’re learning, you will want to take your time, so allow half an hour.’

STEP ONE: Get your hair nice and smooth

LEE SAYS: ‘Get your hair as smooth as you can before you start, especially if you have frizzy or wavy hair. Then, it will fall nicely once it is cut. There’s no need to wash your hair — this is a dry cut.’

ALICE SAYS: ‘My hair is dry, straight but a bit coarse. Under Lee’s direction, I spritz it with heat- protecting spray and blow-dry it using a big round brush until it is a bit smoother.’  

TIME TAKEN: Five minutes

Step-by-step guide: Alice cut her hair under the e

Step-by-step guide: Alice cut her hair under the expert eye of celeb hairdresser Lee Stafford who says it’s so easy, anyone can do it

STEP TWO: A ponytail on your forehead

LEE SAYS: ‘Tip your head upside down, brush your hair forward, then gather it into a nice, tight secure ponytail that starts right on your hairline, in the centre of your forehead.’

ALICE SAYS:‘I tie a ponytail as tightly as I can, but it is a  couple of centimetres back from my hairline. Unsupervised, I wouldn’t have noticed this (I’m already a bag of nerves), but once Lee points it out, I try again, until I have a unicorn-style ponytail sprouting from the front of my head.’

TIME TAKEN: two minutes

STEP THREE: Measure your length

LEE SAYS: ‘Work out how long you want your first layer of hair to be. Are you going for a fringe that ends at your eyebrows? Or layers that start at your chin? Measure the distance from where your ponytail starts on your forehead, to this point.’

ALICE SAYS: ‘I’m anxious about taking my layers too short, so, using Lee’s comb as a ruler, I measure what seems a moderate length, to the middle of my nose.’   

TIME TAKEN:Two minutes 

   Carefully does it: Alice puts her hair into a pony

Carefully does it: Alice puts her hair into a ponytail, measures, left, and then cuts and snips her ends with a pair of scissors

STEP FOUR: Hack it all off

LEE SAYS: ‘Pick up your ponytail and hold it firmly. Get your scissors and then shear it all off at the length you measured.’

ALICE SAYS: ‘I measure the nose-length distance along my ponytail, then take a deep breath, grasp the scissors and chop straight across the hair. It’s easier said than done, as the ponytail is thick.

‘As I hack away, memories of disastrous haircuts from the past flit unbidden through my mind. I’m left with a blunt-cut stump of a ponytail and what seems an awful lot of hair in my other hand.’

TIME TAKEN: One sickening minute

STEP FIVE: Chop into the ends

Step five: Pointing the scissors into the hair and

Step five: Pointing the scissors into the hair and snip to ensure there are no hard lines

LEE SAYS: ‘Change your grip on the scissors and, pointing the scissors directly into the hair, snip into the blunt end until it looks like your grandad’s shaving brush, all graduated and fluffy and with no hard lines.

‘Take care to lean forward as you do this, so you don’t jab the scissors towards your eyes, or get bits of chopped-off hair falling into your eye.’

ALICE SAYS: ‘Feeling slightly panicky, I chop wildly into the ponytail stump.

‘I’m not at all sure I’m doing it right, and I can’t really see  what I’m doing until I realise I can hold the sawn-off end up to the mirror — duh.

‘I would have stopped snipping after a couple of minutes, but Lee says this is the most important part of the cut since it will affect how smoothly the layers lie, so I keep at it for five minutes until I can’t see any hard lines left.’

TIME TAKEN: Five minutes

STEP SIX: The big reveal

LEE SAYS: ‘Pull off the hair elastic and shake your head.’

ALICE SAYS: ‘When I look in the mirror, relief is not a big enough word for what I feel. The fringe has come up miles shorter than I expected and it’s more Suzi Quattro than Chrissie Hynde, but it’s fine. In fact, I rather like it. And I can’t wait to tell people I did  it myself . . .’


Is There A Real Reason Why We Cut Our Own Hair During A Crisis?

“An external change can be a simple and easy way to signify a transition that is internally more complex and harder to articulate otherwise,” therapist Nikki Nachum told Allure. “A new haircut becomes almost like an announcement to both yourself and the outer world that something is changing in your life.”

We tend to want our physical selves to show that we are going through a change – it's like a badge we put on. It's almost like how many people get hair makeovers after a break – up, for example, to signify that they are going through something.

Some hairdressers that have spoken to certain outlets have commonly mentioned that since people now have time to try all the DIY hair hacks in the world – they are going in for it. For a lot of people, it is also a time to experiment because they don't have to go out in public to "show off" their hair makeovers – it's something personal. Not something for the world, so experimenting is actually less risky.

Basically, the whole reason we cut our own hair is to come with stress, trauma or something troublesome. While sometimes it's also simply just the boredom – the larger cause is that it is ur way to cope with the loneliness, boredom and anxiety of the lockdown and pandemic. So, go ahead cut your own bangs, dye your hair and go bald – no one cares, and you look great!

3. Start cutting the sides

Affix the chosen size of guards onto your clippers

Affix the chosen size of guards onto your clippers. Cut your hair against the direction of your hair growth, starting from the bottom and moving clippers upwards. Do a few passes to make sure you got all hairs.

Cut the lower of your cut slightly shorter, referr

Cut the lower of your cut slightly shorter, referring to our guides. We’ll blend the two lengths later to create a fade. This little trick will make your haircut look a lot more professional.

Extra tips

TIP: Usually, a barber will cut the side of your hair, continue on the back, and finish on the opposite side. I advise against this for cutting your own hair. Instead, you should cut one side and then continue on the other side. This is to ensure a more symmetric cut.

TIP: You should always cut in the opposite directi

TIP: You should always cut in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This varies from person to person, as well as on different parts of head – run your hand through your hair and find the direction in which you feel the most counterforce.

Why Did You Cut Your Hair During Lockdown?

"I shaved off my entire head on day 8 of the lockdown because honestly, I was bored and I really needed some change. I was literally feeling like a vegetable and I saw this video on Instagram of a girl shaving off all her hair and that's when I was like – 'you know what? I'm going to do it.' And so I did it. It feels great and somehow it's allowed me to feel better about the lockdown!" Aarya, 19, Student.

"I binged watch hair cutting videos for a week and then I decided that's it, I'm doing it. It was a pixie cut and I look very cute now. I did it just for fun, to be honest -there wasn't anything to do during the lockdown – cutting my hair seemed like a fun way to kill time so I did it. My mom was kind of annoyed at first – but she is okay now. She even asked me to trim her hair because she liked the way I cut my hair without any rough edges." Neha, 23, Student.

"I cut my hair day before yesterday after seeing my friend cut hers. She cut her own wispy bangs after watching a youtube video and I wanted to do it too. I asked her to send me the video and I got to work. I messed up a little because the bangs are uneven and kind of shabby – but I don't really care. It was so powerful to cut my own hair and it was something exciting when I didn't really have anything else to do." Asmita, 16, Student.

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