Piano Online

piano simulator

To play the piano, you only need a keyboard and a computer mouse. The advantage of piano online is that the sounds correspond to a real live musical instrument. The application is a virtual synthesizer. It is characterized by a range of 5 octaves, has 61 keys. A distinctive feature is versatility. All keyboard and string types of piano are combined here.

To use the virtual piano online, there is no need to install Abode Flash Player and this program is completely free. The program is designed not only for entertainment, but also for training aspiring musicians. The digital application is characterized by convenient settings, which allows you to create music of different complexity. They choose our piano app because it accurately meets the needs of musicians.

How to learn to play the piano online?

To create music without using a real instrument, you can use a virtual piano. You can play on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Special layout schemes are used here, which can be controlled in the central upper part of the application. It means the connection between the keyboard and the instrument. So, piano layouts are of the following types:

  • Classic, enabled by default. The length is 2.5 octaves. To move on to the next ones, you need to click on "Shift layout". The order of the keys is realistic, which helps to adapt quickly.
  • The second layout, covering 5 octaves. In this case, the keys are arranged differently, different from the traditional piano. To use black, you need to hold SHIFT on the keyboard.

On the left you will see the layout management described earlier. To the right is the display, where the note that you press is displayed. Their names are displayed in the usual Russian format. Sharp or flat is displayed to the right of the notes.

The music display is followed by a sound indicator, where you can see the spectral pattern. On the right side there is a volume control, with it you can adjust the sound.

If there is no sound, there is a high probability that the speakers are turned off or there is a more serious problem with your PC. It is recommended to turn on the music on the device.