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Metronome online

A metronome is a device that repeats sounds at a steady pace. Characterized by a variety of applications in the field of music, it is an integral part of modern musical equipment. They produce clicks, equally suitable for guitar or piano.

Metronome online for piano

The functions of the device in question with rhythms are considered to be the following:

  • perform a steady kick that develops a sense of pace
  • help to determine acceleration and deceleration in the game
  • determine the exact tempo, which allows you to play melodies correctly
  • improves practical piano playing skills

A metronome with rhythms may be required not only for mastering musical instruments. It is relevant for:

  • learning to dance
  • sports activities
  • speed reading
  • meditation (promotes relaxation)

What is a metronome?

The mechanism happens:

  • Mechanical. It is a box with a pendulum and a slider that allows you to make adjustments.
  • Electronic, having a small size, buttons and display. Miniaturization is a virtue, but a small speaker reduces audibility.
  • Programmatic. This is an application that can be installed on a PC or phone. There are a variety of software for different devices.

An online metronome that can be opened in a web browser. There is no need to download the program, install it or configure it. The latter type implies the use of modern web technologies to create sound. You can find it on our website, which opens any browser without any problems.